Springfield Missouri Fun Facts

The state of Missouri joined the union in 1821 as the 24th state. Springfield is the states third largest city and is the county seat of Greene County. Here are some fun facts that you may have not heard before about the Springfield area.

  • The highest temperature ever recorded was 113 degrees.
  • The coldest temperature was -17 degrees on a February day.
  • Bob Barker attended High School in Springfield.
  • The area known as North Springfield was once called Moon City.
  • Springfield is sometimes called "The Birthplace of Route 66," due to its early part with the designation of US Route 66. A sign in Park Central Square was given to the city of Springfield by the Route 66 Association of Missouri for its prominent role in the beginnings of Route 66.
  • Famous politicians from Springfield are John Ashcroft, former US Attorney General, and Roy Blunt, US House Minority Whip.
  • Famous entertainment professionals are Aaron Buerge, "The Bachelor" in 2002, Brad Pitt, actor, Kathleen Turner, actress, and Lou Whitney, musician, record producer.
  • Famous sports figures are Josh Kinney St. Louis Cardinals major league roster, Payne Stewart, professional golfer.
  • Other famous people are Jimmie Angel aviator the discoverer of Angel Falls, highest free-falling waterfall in the world, Janet Kavandi, astronaut, J. Alan Groves, Biblical Hebrew scholar, editor of Groves-Wheeler Hebrew morphology.

The list could go on and on, but these are some fun facts that we hope will get your interest going so as to lure you to this great city and all Springfield has to offer.

Guide to buying a used RV trailer

Buying a used RV trailer can be a good alternative to buying new, particularly if you are on a budget. There are many used trailers and avtadamak that are surprisingly in good condition. The only thing is to know what to look for to be saved from buying a faulty trailer. This article will help you learn about the used trailers that you can make an informed decision when it's time to get it.

Wear and tear

We should expect that b / trailers will have signs of wear. Ask the seller where the trailer for you to learn about the environment or presenting the weather & # 39; and where it is located. Despite the fact that some owners might maintain the vehicle in good working order and repair to do, it's better to know what repairs are made.

Tires must be replaced more often, especially if the tires for 5 years. This is because the tires are exposed to UV rays, which can cause them to rot. You would not want to get bogged down in the middle of the interstate blast. If the RV is not in use for a long time, you might want to do a test drive, because the tires have not been used, can be damaged without any physical changes and can deceive even automotive professionals.

water damage

One of the problems faced by the new owners of the used trailers, with the & # 39 is water damage. Damage from water is almost always hidden. Broken or old water pipes need to be replaced, because it can cause a lot of problems. Check the floor of the trailer for the presence of soft spots, as the water can lead to sex softness. You can also check on the pipes of PVC to find out whether the repair was made.

Problems of construction of internal and external

Apart from the above, it is also important to verify the overall structure of the trailer. Check for leaks and stains on the ceiling, that & # 39 is an excellent indicator of the roof problems. Check windows and sidewalks. They are in good working order? Does the technology? Hope that when buying a used RV trailer may require repair. However, taking note of the above, you can make your purchase an excellent buy.

What does "Trenton Missouri" to visitors?

Today we are in the morning with her daughter Chloe enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Lakeview Restaurant in Trenton, Missouri. When we went for our usual table (Chloe 6 years and ate here more than 400 times in his young life), I could see a gentleman, whom we visited the previous morning; He sat next to "our" table.

We greeted each other, and then Bob took out his cell phone to show Chloe's picture of his massive Rottweiler "Nacho". On the eve of Bob he told me that he & # 39 is the seller, and it will be in Trenton for a few days before moving to Wisconsin, but not before you take a Sunday football game Kansas City Chiefs.

Between sips of what I called "the best coffee in the world," Bob and I talked about the excellent fishing in Florida. My mother-in-law lived in Fort Myers, Florida, and I once enjoyed the coastal waters, which Bob has access to most days of the year. When I looked at the street at the dreary, rainy and very cool out the October & # 39; ie, it was easy to envy House Babu, as he proudly said: "In St. Augustine, Florida, will be 91 degrees today.!"

Suddenly, Bob moved to another topic. He said: "You know, it may appeal to the BS, but I travel a lot, and people here in Trenton, – one of the most pleasant, warm and hospitable people I have ever met!" I looked across the table at her daughter; her face was a smile. One, who said: "I know this is my home This is a good place to live.".

I've heard the same from others who have stopped going to Trenton. I travel a lot; This year I have already represented in almost 70 different US cities. I love to travel, and do not make me wrong, there are some incredibly exciting places and exciting exciting places … things you can not experience here in Trenton, Missouri. However, the only thing that never "exceeded" and rarely impossible, it is open and ready to start a conversation or a helping hand, you will find in Trenton, Missouri.

Minus to Trenton? You zblizhaetsesya and was friends with many, many people. If you live here long, attending funerals friend who was going through a personal sorrow for the loss, it is becoming common place.

Fracture to Trenton? You zblizhaetsesya and was friends with many, many people. If you live here long enough, you will attend many funerals, and will have many opportunities to reflect on how lucky you are to have a lot of close and trusted friends, and you live in such a close community.