Brunson: Top-rated

Branson – one of the famous cities and a favorite destination of millions of visitors each year. He had perfect weather & # 39; e, and also offers a variety of fun and entertainment of the highest caliber. The city is located in the south-west of the Missouri.

Brandon – a place where visitors have many options to experience meaningful and adventurous journey of a lifetime. Hiking, fishing, shopping, sport – is one of many activities in which tourists and locals can participate.

Here are some of the ideal attractions that tourists can visit:
o Dolly Parton & # 39; s Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show
o Hollywood Wax Museum
About the exhibition "Titanic"
o IMAX Entertainment Complex
o Ride the ducks, Excursions
o Branson colorful railroad
o So Clark with the American Stage Theater
o Track-baskets
o Miniature golf

In addition to the tourist attractions that the city offers to its visitors, Branson boasts numerous hotels, which provide the highest quality service that guarantees to its guests free excitement. These hotels provide pleasure and comfort in the best.
Great Western Branson Tower.

Western Branson Towers September strategically located in the middle of the entertainment district of Branson. A few blocks from the tower of the famous tourist attractions such as the Music Palace, Mansion America and the center of Three Lake.

The hotel is a three-story structure, and boasts a modern architectural design. Guests chastayuts complimentary continental breakfast during their stay at the hotel. An indoor pool and spa tub to enjoy and relax. Available arcade game that offers the latest games that you can play and have fun.

Business Center is available for business travelers who need to communicate with business customers. It offers high-speed wireless Internet access for sending documents. Also available fax services. Guests can organize business meetings or conferences in the area.

The hotel offers a total of 208 spacious rooms that are equipped with a coffee maker, cable TV and many other necessities.

Properties Properties:

o Children under the age of 12 years old and under paid
o hot tub and massage
wake-up service
o Folding bed – may be charged
o cribs available on request
o housekeeping – daily
o safe available at reception
o Ensure Parking
o Fireplace in lobby
o lift / elevator

Among the main attractions, which guests can visit, staying at the hotel, with a & # 39 are:

o White House Theater
o mansion America
o Braschlers
o Incredible Acrobats of China
o Pierce arrow
o Shodi taboo
o Country tanitavaya
o Theater named Yakov Smirnov
o Remington Theater

landing tower

The Landing View Tower – four-star condo-hotel, located near the bridge Taneykoma lake. It syamnatstsatsipavyarhovy building, which consists of 131 towers for tourists and residents.

Devices elegantly implemented with a combination of steel and modern glass. It is close to shopping centers, entertainment venues, which makes it a convenient place to stay.

Hotel guests and residents can enjoy a refreshing splash in the indoor pool. For the more active people, they can work out at the fitness center, equipped with first-class equipment of the gym.
o Private apartments with balconies overlooking the water
o 24 hour security
o Direct access to the elevator to Suite
o Full service lobby and concierge services
o meeting rooms
o Private parking on the first five floors
o Stacked Washer / Dryer
o Cable TV
o High-speed wireless Internet access

Laughter geese Missouri

For months, the area of ​​Stuttgart in Arkansas was a famous place for duck hunting in the regions of the Midwest. However, in recent years, the region of Southeast Missouri began competing Stuttgart as a place that promotes hunter of waterfowl. This is due to many reasons, but the main reason is based on the simple geography. In Arkansas, the water level decreases along Aluviyalnaga aquifer, and this causes the depletion of white lasavyh geese and other waterfowl. As an added bonus in the Southeast Missouri rice production is constantly increasing; The population of snow geese and white-front geese among other waterfowl growing at an astounding rate. These factors combine to prove successful tours of waterfowl hunting in southeast Missouri.

Southeast Missouri – a favorite place for hunting Missouri Goose because of its location along the common routes of migration of geese around what is known as the Mississippi. Southeast Missouri with & # 39 is home to many rivers, as well as a number of protected areas and a variety of rice fields. Because of this, points geese and snow geese have no reason to travel farther when they migrate to the south. The basin in the southeast Missouri – ideal habitat for white-front geese and snow geese to refuel in the rice fields, after a long time they migrate to the south. Many species of waterfowl have indeed found the pool basin Southeast Missouri excellent habitat when it comes to the release of the winter and the anticipation of the spring migration back north.

Once this is done the hunting of waterfowl and hunting goose in Missouri – favorite time of Southeast Missouri. hunting management – great ways to even a novice hunter to seek excitement and joy of hunting waterfowl in Missouri. An even greater advantage for the novice hunter with a & # 39 is the fact that as the population of white geese front comes an increase in the limit of the daily bag for today's hunter of waterfowl in the southeast Missouri.

In the pool the pool Southeast Missouri is available a lot of different types of hunting on the Missouri. You will find the hunting of waterfowl in a variety of forms, including the hunt for the rice field, blinds and hunting layout boat to any of your hunts Missouri geese was successful. Southeast Missouri also has the advantage of a longer hunting season, giving each hunter from the novice to the experienced hunter great hunting experience at Missouri geese.

Hunting for white front geese and snow geese hunting in Missouri can also be carried out by hunting excursion. These tours are on the hunt will provide you the appropriate means and you know where to find these elusive waterfowl. Excursion hunting trips will take you directly to the area of ​​population and assure that your hunt for the white front of geese at once pleasant and productive. You will also learn how to hunt and how to place the maximum use of hunting experience. You'll save time searching for water birds, and you will be guaranteed the hunt that you'll never forget. If you enjoy the experience, use the information that you are going to tour hunting trips to re-visit on your own and experience the thrill of hunting Missouri Goose.

Hunt on the Missouri geese and waterfowl hunting in the southeast Missouri – it is a sport and the time to getting better every year. With the increase of rice production more rice fields increases every season. With the increase in the number of rice fields in the area attracts more frontal white geese and other waterfowl when it comes to finding a place for the winter. If you want to ensure a successful hunting Missouri Goose, go to where the population and waterfowl hunting in southeast Missouri.

Historical travel Route 66 through Arizona

On route 66, you can trace the history until the end of the 1920s, when it was proposed and described. However, only in 1938, the road was completely paved from the eastern beginning in Chicago, Illinois, to the western end of the Santa Monica, California by 2450 miles. Of course, the route can travel either to the east or to the west, although the majority of travelers from 66 preferred to govern from east to west as it did something & # 39; I Zhoada in the famous literary work of John Shtaynbeka "Grapes of Wrath".

Unfortunately, Route 66 began to be replaced in 1960 with new interstate highway bypassed many small towns and have been completely removed from the interstate highway system in 1985. However, many organizations are part of Route 66, the small chambers of commerce, enthusiasts and historians much refused to let him die. Over the past 25 years there has been a new resurgence of ancestral tourism, which again increased the interest in the preservation of this wonderful piece of American history and nostalgia of Route 66.

It is often referred to as "Parent expensive", "Main Street America" ​​or "shose Rold-Rogers", the route passes through eight different states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Let us consider the state of Arizona in more detail.


Going west, Arizona is the 7th minute with 8 states and 66 route is 401 miles from border to border. It boasts some of the most beautiful scenery, the most unique multi-bound thereby agencies, the highest elevation and the longest continuous highway 66 all the way.

Geographically live in Arizona meteor crater, petrified forest and painted desert. These sites let you get some incredible opportunities for photographs, but also the opportunity to explore and hike to these natural attractions.

About 75 miles into Arizona, past both the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, a city of Holbrook. Home to the monastery of Wigwam Village, most Route 66 travelers look forward to sleeping in tepie, and many cite this as a major landmark in their journey. Further west is Joseph City, the Mormon institution, founded in the late 1870s. In Joseph City is the famous Jackrabbit Trading Post. One of the most famous sites for signatures Route 66 – a famous billboard that exclaims "HERE IS", located on the trading post Jackrabbit.

Further west past Meteorskaga crater and cities "are on the corner of" Winsley extinct two guns, abandoned the twin arrows and "do not forget" Winona lies the city of Flagstaff. Flagstaff & # 39 is the home of the famous Lowell Observatory, as well as with the & # 39 is the gateway to the Grand Canyon, located in the hour drive to the north. Canyon deserves a trip from 66 to display one of the eight wonders of the world. If you want, you can also get access to the amazing Grand Canyon through the railway of the Grand Canyon from Williams, just 30 miles west of Flagstaff. Between Flagstaff and Williams lies Brannigan peak. At an altitude of 730 feet above sea level is the highest point of elevation along the route Rt. 66.

15 miles west of Williams is Ash-Wilk, the capital of the flag. Close to Ash Fork you can say goodbye to I-40, if you start the longest continuous highway 66 all the way. Do not forget to stop at the entrance to the legendary snow cap in Seligman and exciting department store in Hackberry before arriving in Kingman. Here you will find a set of fixed enterprises serving the Route 66 traveler including a very well done museum.

Be sure to leave Kingman, while you still have the light of day, because you do not want to miss the incredible scenery that ahead if you will be traveling on the switches and pins Black Mountain. Atsman waiting, like many wild lopy who called the house of an old mining town. Be sure to check out the historic hotel Atman, where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard honeymooned.

Leaving Atmena, you can make a quick trip to Laughlin Nevada casino and try your luck, or you can continue the route Golden Shores, Topock and get back on I-40 to cross the powerful Colorado River in California.

Is there such a thing as a romantic vacation in camping in Minnesota?

Today, Norm Goldman, editor and

glad to accept as our guest, Tom Watson, author and freelance


Tom & # 39; is the author of 60 trips within 60 miles: twin cities: and the best in the tent trek: Minnesota: (Both published by Menasha Ridge Publishing)

Tom is also a & # 39; is the author of "How to think, how to survive: Emergency Management Manual in the desert" (in the summer of 2005, published by International Publishing)

Hello Tom, and thank you for agreeing to participate in our interview & # 39; S.


When did your passion for hiking and camping, and that you went on?


Good afternoon and thank you for this opportunity. My dad was a beautiful

active outdoors. After exiting the fleet opened a hobby shop that

We carried a lot of sporting goods. I was able, as a boy growing up in the East

Missouri, a chance to try any technique – tools, rifles, bows

and arrows. Also, since my dad enjoyed camping, we took advantage of this

many places in Missouri to primitive camp. I lived there and my cousins

and they were hot and vacationers. So, I was about seven, I spent with

a good portion of every summer in the fresh air.

By the time when I was thinking about college – at the end of 6's, my people were

I divorced and I lived with my mother in my school years. I wanted to

to maintain exposure to the outdoors, so I decided to go into forestry on

University of Minnesota, on the campus of St. Paul. All these factors have

Growing love for the natural sciences still keeps me up until now.


Since many of our readers are interested in a romantic escape, you could

Describe the eight most romantic and unique camping areas of Minnesota?

Why are they romantic?


It requires my interpretation as a "romantic" and "unique"

camping. I am primarily a primitive camper, a minimum of means, at least


romantic private site for me, remote and better than

average landscape and natural attractions.

* On this basis, I could list almost any camping in the BWCA wilderness, as well as any Voyageurs National Park – most of which are only available for water. As for under & # 39; entrances and sites that have little access (my favorite), I have listed the following:

* State Park Lake Mary – separate entrances, scattered on the hill

full canopy of oaks and maples – fabulous fall colors! Most walking trail,


* State Park Great River Bluffs – this part of the leaves on the Mississippi River

offering these incredible views. Forms at the end of a short

trails through dense peragibku maple trees, very peaceful and types

addicted to the spirit – some of the very romantic seats on which you and

significant other could sit comfortably for hours.

* Reserve Regional Park Lake Alma. It is so close to the center of St Paul's

It offers remote campsites and several miles of steps.

Campsites are along the corridor about 100 meters from the car park

Area and each of them is located in the deep foliage, so the level is high enough alia

well too. These are the main sites without a lot of amenities close by. these

– good sites for leisure or several campaigns.

* Crescent Lake Camping – is just outside the BWCA area, in

Best National Forest. This is the best laid out camping, I've seen –

based on my sympathies. Each site or knocked or cut deeply

wood for a very private and serene abstanovak.

* Split Rock State Park – one of the few really good camps

North Lake Shore High, only if it is not as tightly packed as all

remaining there. There are walks in the grounds, which stretch for about half a mile

rocky shore of the lake, each separated by a forest of birches. The

the sound of water against the shoreline, the wind in the trees and

the freshness of the area all combine to make camping a very soothing


* State Park Crosby-Manitou – Like Lake Maria is extremely hiking

Park. The plots are located around the rocky banks of the river, and many

a short distance from the mad Gromov waterfalls and cascades.

* Very romantic in any way Grizzly Adams, like most of them.

Region Lake Kabetagama of Voyageurs National Park – I could not resist

offering places for camps scattered throughout the southern region of the park.

On small, rocky islands many single camping – it is not likely to

an attempt on the part of other travelers! All are available for the water, but that

more romantic that a boat ride in a private campsite surrounded

National Park?

Many of the campgrounds in state forests of Minnesota – some of them

they are popular with riders, ORV riders and fishermen, but if

you can find one that is not being used, you can have all of the woods for themselves

with trails and rivers and lakes abound. Such offers very little

convenience, but if you are alone and interested in romanticizing the day

In any case, you do not need any supplements.


Recommend steam for honeymoon or couples who are looking for a unique

romantic adventures, they try at the camp, and if so, why?


From my point of view, when a guy can find a lady who really enjoys camping

(No parking large vehicle controlled on some flat lawn and the road), it will not matter

where you're going. However, I think to really understand a person, which is a must see

how they can be independent. I think of camping it detects and separates

those who need things, and those who can do so without complaining. get

those down to the right, and everything else will be easy. Adshukayuchy it right

partner can be a stepping stone for many other successful interactions.


There were changes in the popularity of camping over the last thirty

years, and if so, why?


Definitely been a shift in the definition. Amazing how

Many RV parks with concrete slaps and broomstick trees listed

"Camp". There are fewer and fewer places to go really

tent in the pristine, "camping" atmosphere.

Our prosperous society allows more units to buy big, but apparently, it's more that as we age, we still use the fresh air, and units "to promote the camping" help people to do it.

I think that the fluctuations in the economy also affect the campsite. Instead of a long,

travel thousands of miles a week, seven & # 39; and do shorter, weekend trips

and going camping instead of spending more money on accommodation and supplement

gas. I think "camping" in general a little more popular.


That means a trip for you?


The journey is the passage of at least 50 miles or for pleasure, or for pleasure.

"Journey" as a hobby or activity, of course, create new images,

exciting or quiet areas. I am a naturalist, so "journey" means

see and experience new environment, a new flora and fauna, as well as new

culture and way of life – that's why "travel" such a good education



How did you come up with ideas for what you write? What methods do you use

concretize your idea to determine if it can be sold?


I'm trying to see what is covered in the current magazines to find out if I have

We experienced some of the new areas that are on time and on which we can write in

informative and entertaining way. I love photography, and usually will not even

Consider the story of when I do not know, I have a good support for it. it

It is also a good selling tool for editors. Otherwise, I'm looking for resources

Internet, writing groups, etc., which will list topics of interest or on the & # 39; show

opportunities. The red-haired Menashe already had a good base of hiking books, but

I need one of Minneapolis. That's where I live, so it was a chance

make a book directories directly to your own backyard. Once you get a "feel" for the

magazine you start to anticipate what could be useful for them.


What problems or obstacles you encounter while writing the books? how

You have overcome these problems?


Frankly, the biggest problem is always, when I can capture the state or

Thread carefully takes into account the budget (for which I will pay for it and costs

I'll have to do it), so I immediately found adequate information

began, and most importantly, someone to care, to want to read

about it. When I started the book, I did not know what I can

use and which can not be measured. Sometimes I went to two o'clock

only to find there really was not camping, you would like to recommend either

that meets your criteria.

Minnesota – big enough state that in one day, to cover the area I studied, I put 1,100 miles on his car – and it was out of my pocket. You overcome obstacles, thinking that you do the job, and you become more savvy in the ways of optimizing travel and budget during the research part.


How have you used the Internet to promote their writing car & # 39; EASURES?


80% of my writing opportunities begin from the Internet. I belong

OWAA (Outdoor Writers Association of America). They offer online

monthly updates from the editors who are searching for specific topics. Other sites do

the same.

I also use the Internet to check the facts or for more information

something new, and verify that published in the type of

magazine for which I usually write (kayaking, camping, external transmission

tourist destinations, etc.).


Who are your favorite authors, and why they inspire you?


In my childhood, Jules Verne always aroused my imagination and Sam Clemens

I recalled the feelings that I grew Missouri (together with the same

river, I might add). I really liked this disaster and Edgar Allen Poe

Poetry of Robert Frost, writers are pretty basic – but all

It allowed my imagination to supplement them.

Unfortunately, I do not read as it should, so authors do not just fall

in conversation. I write a lot, creating their own things. If I had to

select the author that I really enjoyed reading in recent years, it should be

Gabriel Garcia Marquez – well his collection of short stories

shaped and a little "strange".

I've always liked Ray Bradbury and a bunch of incredible writers. This is quite apart from the kind of writing that I'm doing now. Books and articles in magazines. Fiction is much more severe, the higher level, I hope, aspire to some day.


Because, it seems, there are no authoritative standards that exist

Authors or publishers of guidebooks, how do you know that the leadership allowed

together? How can you check the author's competence?


There are two types of "guides" of books for me: those mainly of & # 39 are

According to the assembly, sometimes cleverly arranged so that a & # 39 were new and

different, but basically collections of lists from the Internet.

Other books – a consideration that use certain activities and skills

Author's breadth of knowledge to know what is important, etc. I feel

The author must first reveal himself, to offer a section that the reader can

say: "yes, I identify myself with this person, because I like, probably

like. "

In this sense, I come to what I consider a good

camping or a nice trail. I say to the reader in front of him, that I

photographer and naturalist, so I'll stop and mistress rose or removal

picture of even the most seemingly mundane paths. I also suggest

historical perspective – most publishers want so that you can claim yourself

it does not matter.

I grew up in Minnesota for the most part (except for the summer, who spent

Missouri) and actively participated in boys. I spent a lot of time

outdoors, on trails, hiking and so on. Previously, I had a sense about these books

I started my research. Another big factor to be honest, with the & # 39 is that it

business, nice, but business. If you do not produce the goods

people will buy you for a long time will not be engaged in business writing. it on

at least, labor interests and as such requires a certain discipline, and the spy



How do you reconcile your photojournalism with his journey?


People like to present themselves in the picture. "I wish that I

kayaking in Alaska! "A good photo draws the reader into syuzhetno-

let's see what you're saying.

Sometimes the editor puts a restraint on the number of words they need. Good photos can convey the necessary information with very few words. I am proud that I was a good

photographer, and I know that there were many stories sold, because there was good,

clear, colorful photos of support that is offered with the writing. Photos and

help me recall areas without taking a lot of comments.

I spent a whole month in Peru and shot probably 30 rolls of film. I used about 8 pages of the magazine – most of which certain themes photos that I took. I then go

back and look at the pictures to see how much I can offer for different

different story ideas. Sometimes they even make the front image

Cover – a nice bonus!


What's next for Tom Watson?


I really want to engage in literary literature in the style of Roald

Dahl, or someone from the camp of the writers for the old Twilight series.

As for magazines and directories, I will continue to treat them like those

there are opportunities. This is a good income, and it allows me to share

exciting adventure to those who wish to do the same. Thank you for letting

to share this with you.

Thanks again Tom and good luck with all your future endeavors.

Familiarity with unstable capital of Hawaii

of Honolulu

Magnificent beaches, alluring greenery and stunning architecture – some features of Hawaii Honolulu, the state capital. It is also the most populous city of the state. Located on the island of Oahu, Honolulu – the main gateway to Hawaii and the main gateway to the United States. It's like the westernmost and the southernmost major US city. Honolulu means "sheltered harbor" or "quiet harbor". Honolulu often ranks high in the world rankings of life, as well as with the & # 39 is the second safest city in the country.

tourist attractions

Rich capital of Hawaii can boast of such a wide range of attractions that almost everyone can find something tasty. Art lovers and history will find much that can be found with the memorial USS Arizona, Pearl Harbour / II World World War II in the national monument to the Pacific Ocean, the memorial battleship Missouri, museums and parks submarine USS Bowfin, a museum of the bishops, the path of the lighthouse Macapa, Palace Iolani, US army Museum of Hawaii, Honolulu Museum of art and art Museum of the Pacific aviation Pearl Harbor.

Natural romance can indulge in the many picturesque places, such as a monument Daymandskim state monument, nature reserve Hanauma Beach, Waikiki, Manoa Falls, beaches, park Fort Derusi, Tantalus, City Park Puu-Ualakaa, Island Magic, beach Ala Moana and Kapiolani park. . Supporters of wildlife can explore the beautiful Honolulu Zoo.

For shopaholics, the ideal place to relax with a & # 39 are biscuits of "Honolulu" Hilton Hawaiian Village, the center of Ala Moana, Slap Stadium Aloha, Royal Hawaiian Center, Don Quixote and shopping center Kahala Mall. Supporters of drama and theater can capture amazing exhibition of Performing Arts: "Favre-show", "Rock-A-Hula", "The Big Kahuna-Luau", "Hale-CoA Luau", "Comedy Night" and "The Magic of Polynesia".

For party animals Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, JCB Plaza Lounge Honolulu, Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu, Paradise Pedals Hawaii, RumFire ​​and The Study – the ideal place to make their night. For people who are looking for delicious food, seafood Jonah, Helen Hawaiian food, Pig and the lady, steaks Shack, Alan Wong, a restaurant and uncle Indeed, PUE bar and grill – the best places to eat mouth-watering dishes.

Some other well-known attractions include the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Shangri-La's Seaside of St. Augustine, the Duke Kahanamoku statue, memorial USS Oklahoma, statue of King Kamehameha, Honolulu, mission Izumi Tayshakio, Hawaii, Aloha Stadium and Chinatown.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit Honolulu – from September to November, when the temperature, the tariffs for hotels and favorable cost airlines. You can find cheap flights to Honolulu, browsing through various travel packages offered by various travel portals on the Internet.

the main airport

Honolulu International Airport (IATA: HNL) – the main aviation gateway and County of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii and is recognized as one of the busiest airports in the United States, the movement of which is now more than 21 million passengers and growing.

USS Kittiwake, from rescuing the submarine to dive

USS Kittiwake (ASR-13) launched July 10, 1945 in the State of Savannah, Georgia. After commissioning in July 1946, she served as a submarine rescue ship. Underwater tests and maneuvers on a submarine brought Kitsivauke up and down the US east coast and around the Caribbean. Submarines rest easier knowing divers on Kitsivaku verse, saved them, if there are problems.

The name comes from the Kittiwake gulls that live at the expense of North America, which resemble ordinary gull. First Kitsivauk, which is based in Balboa, spent many years in the Caribbean.

Divers from Kittiwake resumed practice torpedoes during sea trials. Sometimes the ship operates as a target exercises for submarines, which it serves. In 1950, the Lithuanian ship Missouri fell on the banks of the tides off the coast of Virginia, the divers with Kityvaku came with the rescue equipment to free her.

In 1960 Kitsivak was at hand, while the submarine George Washington successfully launched the first two Polaris ballistic missile ever fired from under the sea.

In 1961 Kitsivak sailed into the Mediterranean Sea a few months of service, before returning to its home port in Virginia. During the service she made more trips across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean & # 39; s and Europe.

Cuban refugees off the coast of Key West, Florida Kitsivaku thanked for the fact that they are safely carried them to the shore during the service in 1963.

Over the years, passing Kitsivaku Service has done a lot of interesting things. At one point, she towed the submarine from the US to Scotland. The official reason was a group of scientists to study the tiles. Underwater representing underwater little covers replacement of ballot boxes, which were used to monitor the activity of Soviet submarines, the location of which has been compromised spy. During the mission to the & # 39; was a Russian spy who tried to disguise as a fishing vessel. Soon after the attack began to maintain a rapid American frigate. Russian spy quickly vacated territory.

Back in the Mediterranean & # 39; e in 1966, Kitsivake help find and rescue a German submarine Let (S-171), which sank in a storm.

Unsuccessful search of the American Scorpio Kitsivaku brought to the Atlantic Ocean in 1968. Scorpio was the second American nuclear submarine lost at sea. Despite the fact that the wreck was found, the dispute over whether she drowned in an attack by a Soviet submarine or due to internal problems.

In April 1984, Kitsivaku found on the dock in Norfolk, Virginia, for maintenance and repair. Trying to get out of the dock, Kitsivak tried to go ahead and turned in the opposite direction. The harder she tried to go forward, the faster it went in the opposite direction. The movement stopped after the collision with the attack submarine USS Bergall, which prychalivsya her. It was found that the main drive motor has been connected properly, causing a reverse screw.

In 1986 Kittiwake saved fighter F-15, about 300 feet of water and pulled out the black box of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

In 1994 Kittiwake was decommissioned. She sat in the graveyard of ships laid off for a while until the Cayman Islands is not carried away. After many years of negotiations in the Cayman Islands managed to acquire Kityvak, the first former US military ship is sold to another country. The planned dive in 2009 went wrong because of problems related to the environment due to the possibility of banned chemicals in the sealant in some pads. Continued until January 2011, before the ship was finally towed to dive 7-mile mile and a new life as an artificial reef. Kittiwake sat upright and rested on the sandy ocean floor. After spending so much time on submarines around the Caribbean, but it seems that there Kityvak found his underwater resting place.

The ship was not able to for a long time to settle down before Hurricane Rina passed within 100 miles of the Cayman Islands. Strong waves wind storm pushed Kitsivake about 60 feet away from the shore than the original place of its dive. One anchor chain is broken, and the ship is sitting on three anchor decorative boards, listing slightly to one side under the 10-foot deep water than in the rest position.

The ship pushed enough sand in an underwater hill, to create the sand, which keeps the body stronger. The ship still lies in a fairly shallow water for a clear view of snorkeling and easy access for divers. To date, far enough away that the underwater fins can no longer stand on the deck with her head in the water, as in the original location.

Fish moved in soon after the initial flooding, finding a good place to hide and call home in the ship's structure. Algae covers the once white ship, As soon as years will pass more sea life will cling to the body, until eventually it becomes a new riff, changing the view from the sunken ship on a lot of marine life.

A variety of operators on Grand Cayman deliver divers and scuba diving to Kitsivaku. They know the rules relating to compulsory payments and time constraints, so guests on organized tours should not worry. Cruise lines such as "Carnival", also offered to travel with an underwater tube in Kittiwake among them shore excursions in Grand Cayman.

Christmas town

Borders Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2007, a post office in Noel, Missouri, 30428 crafted Christmas cards and packets – twice more than usual on the & # 39; the volume of mail for this town with 1,500 people.

Noel – is just one of a number of places with Christmas names that have seen a lot of people this time of year, which overcome themselves. Sometimes a post office with a & # 39; is the main attraction; sometimes festive displays and a visit to Santa.

Here's a look at places with names associated with Christmas.

Christmas, Florida: This small town between Orlando and the Kennedy Space Center reminds Noel. Post Office – the most popular place for people who are engaged in the carriage of goods. In a special mailbox accepts letters to Santa Claus, which is responsible volunteer. Other holiday touches around town: the streets are named after reindeer, mail is collected in Santa-shaped boxes, and trimmed tree never descends to the main highway.

Santa Claus, Indiana: In the summer of Santa Claus gets lots of visitors to its amusement park, safari holiday of peace and Splashin & # 39;. But at this time of the year in tourism it comes to Christmas. In addition to the post office, attractions include the Santa Claus Museum, Santa's Candy Castle, Santa's Lodge and the festival of lights Christmas Lake Village about 15 km, with a parade, holiday concerts and crafts.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Bethlehem nickname – the city of the Nativity, and its most stressful time of the year begins on November 28, with the official lighting of the tree of the city. The town was named Bethlehem on Christmas Eve in 1741 by Moravian immigrants.

North Pole, Alaska: No, this is not the geographic North Pole, located amid the Arctic Ocean. North Pole, 2,200 people, located 19 km from Fairbanks; It was officially named in 1953

Travel to the United States – you know the city inside and out

If you are traveling for the first time in the US, chances are you'll be beaten and intimidated at the same time. However, the nervousness will not last long if you have a written route. Make sure that you know the different cities inside and vice versa, so that you get a smooth travel experience. Here is a small guide to help you choose the best places to visit.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii located in Waikiki, very popular to accommodate the sandy beaches. Are you sure you feel relaxed and do not swim. Honolulu is on Oahu, and so filled with attractions. You will not miss seeing the volcano Diamond Head, even if you want. If you are a sporty look, you will be surprised when you find in the waters Mom various water sports.

Travel to Honolulu can be a problem because the streets klastsyatstsa. You win, renting a vehicle, as there is a lot of parking places. Entertainment is really unlimited, and you will be surprised monuments, art galleries and entertainment. A few attractions that you can not miss – a platform tower Aloha, Capitol Building, Hawaii Maritime Center, Hawaii State Art Museum and Missouri Memorial.

Tampa, Florida

On the west coast of Florida is the city of Tampa, which has a sea port and a variety of waterfronts areas. Tampa Florida is called the cultural center for a good reason. It houses two large university and the grand Center for the Performing Arts Tampa Bay. Tampa is ideal for relaxation, as it has many beaches. The most popular tourist attraction with a & # 39 is a garden bush, with & # 39 is a very famous theme park. You need to check the Florida Aquarium, eyelids Wake Springs, Dinosaur World and Raymond Stadium, which hosts many football games. One of the most popular festivals – Pirate Festival Gasparyly held in January each year.

Seattle, Washington

Known for its waterfront, the city of Seattle is located between the waters Puzhet Sound and Lake Washington. many historic neighborhoods can be found here. If you are visiting this great city, never leave, passing through Fisherman's Terminal, Boeing plant, observation deck Smith Tower, Safeco Field stadium, Hing Hay Park and Exhibition Center Seahawks.

A magnificent view of the space needle, which really need to see. Other places that are worth mentioning – a museum of science fiction, and art museum in Seattle.

This guide – it's just a drop in the ocean, but it will give you the beginning of your travel plans.

A Brief History of the Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri, his initials are often referred to as "KC", with the & # 39 is the largest city in his home state. Located at 316 square miles, it is located in Jackson's areas of Kos, Platte and Clay. Home to the memorial of "Freedom", the Museum of Art, and Nelson-Atkins and Arrowhead stadium (home of the Criminal Code of the leaders), it boasts a current population of more than 450 000 inhabitants.

Foundation of Kansas

Formation of modern Kansas City began after the Louisiana Purchase in 1804. Researchers Lewis and Clark visited the area close to the Kansas and Missouri rivers, and noted that the space will make an appropriate site for the construction of the fortress. Despite this initial study, the area remained largely empty for nearly 30 years.

In 1833, a Baptist missionary and businessman named John McCoy and his family & # 39; I founded the Western Port neighborhood of Santa Fe Trail, which is located three miles from the Missouri River. A year later, a group of investors, known as the "Town of Kansas Tower", began to settle the area. Kansas City was officially incorporated in 1850.

Kansas City and the Civil War

By the Civil War, the city was located in Kansas, bitterly divided on slavery. With the widespread hostility in the region attempt to enter into the Union under the sovereignty of the people has been eliminated. That's when Kansas City became the center of intense military activity. Despite winning the Confederation of the First Battle of Independence in 1862, the area in the first place was occupied by soldiers soldiers throughout the Civil War.

With the completion of the war in 1865, town residents increased rapidly, and the opening of the Hannibal Bridge in 1869 caused a population explosion. Twenty years later in 1889 the name of the district was officially changed to Kansas City, and its boundaries were expanded to the south and east. By 1900, the population grew to 163 000 people, which was the 22 th largest city in the country.

Kansas City today

Today, Kansas City is known for its rich culture in art, numerous sculptural fountains, elegant shops and a variety of local food establishments. Contribution to many styles of music, such as jazz and blues, as well as an introduction to the culinary world of barbecue in the style of Kansas City, has appointed its neighborhood in the center of one of the best in the country.

Joseph Robidoux Founded St Joseph, Missouri (also Called St Joe, MO)

St. Joseph, Missouri was founded by fur trader Joseph Robidoux who lived from 1783-1868. The location in northwest Missouri where Joseph Robidoux established his Blacksnake Hills Trading Post is modern day St. Joseph, Missouri with a population of about 75,000.

Years before founding one of the current day ten largest cities in the state of Missouri Robidoux grew up on the other side of the state in St. Louis Louis, Missouri where he had six brothers. From an early age Joseph and his brothers were taught the family business of fur trading by their father who in the eighteenth century began sending Joseph up and down the Missouri River as a teenager to hone his trade.

In what is currently the city of Chicago Joseph Robidoux set up a fur trading post next to Fort Dearborn, Illinois but ironically his success led to his demise. As legend has it Joseph was such a proficient young businessman that more established elder men practicing his craft did not think too kindly of having a young up and comer stepping into their territory and disrupting their established business. To correct the disruption that Joseph caused the Fort Dearborn locals persuaded local Indians to threaten and disturb Joseph until he was quite literally run out of town.

After leaving Illinois Joseph established himself in modern day Omaha, Nebraska and settled down with his second wife (after the 1805 death of his first wife Eugenie) with an 1813 wedding to Angelique Vaudry. Between his two marriages Joseph had eight children (two from the first marriage and six from the second) and today the names of many of those children adorn some of the most commonly used streets in the city of St. Joseph, Missouri which he eventually founded. Among names of his children that have since been immortalized with streets named in their honor are Messanie, Faraon, Francis, Felix, and Edmond. While those names probably seem a bit outdated to most folks in the twenty-first century anyone who has spent a significant amount of time around St. John's Joseph, Missouri instantly recognizes those names as some of the most high traffic streets in town.

Joseph Robidoux sold his successful Nebraska fur trading business in 1822 to the American Fur Company and decided to leave the area after being motivated by the American Fur Company with a $ 1,000 annual payment for abiding by a non-compete agreement.

After spending time back in St. Petersburg Louis after selling his business to the American Fur Company Robidoux was later hired by the American Fur Company to start a Blacksnake Hills trading post in northwest Missouri near Kansas City and in doing so Joseph Robidoux laid the groundwork for the city of St. Louis Joseph, Missouri that has held his namesake for over 150 years.