Beautiful America – Memorial Day

I wrote this a few times ago, but still very appropriate for this Memorial Day! Enjoy!

If you did not go through this beautiful country, we some time call home, I highly recommend it. My husband and I had the opportunity in May, and we jumped at it. We started very windy, cold Tuesday morning with fear.

The route we chose took us through a blizzard in Wyoming (this cute little summer storm, which I learned later, leaving 22 inches of snow in Montana), Nebraska, where gas prices have made great 3.58 dollars per gallon, and warning of a tornado in Missouri. In every part of this country has a clearly different terrain – a joy to rediscover it again and again.

We found one happy little place in Illinois, where we stopped for breakfast, which seemed to be the basis for financial time. Gas prices reached $ 2.98 per gallon, and a delicious breakfast was not worth the arm and leg and your first born.

Unfortunately, we had to move on …. If you live in the west, you get used to the miles and miles of desert, mountains and several cities in between. However; if you go east, you expect that people will be more dense and, consequently, on the highways, you can get more towns and specifically restaurants. Not so! Motorway, we were having fun, going through twisted green hills, lots of trees and farmland, but, unfortunately, these people obviously do not eat. Rarely was available output to receive gas or eat. This prompted us to stock up when we found a place to stay, and by the time we got to Virginia, we could open his own shop of cheeses and crackers.

We finally arrived in Alexandria, Virginia late Friday, just before the Memorial Day events. Alexandria is located outside the capital city of our country, and in some fabulous places on weekends Memorial Day.

Everywhere there were activities for the whole family & # 39; and. Street musicians, street magicians, parrot rescue organization, carriage rides and colonial guide to take you to the Alexandrian tour of the ghost and cemetery were a few entertainment options. Alexandria is known for being a & # 39 is "fun party descendant," and it certainly lives up to its reputation.

Embankment filled with life and entertainment. Between all the small shops, cafes and restaurants in the open air you will find that most of the original "old town" remains intact. Some streets are still paved, and many of the buildings are still colonial homes of yesteryear. They are perfectly preserved, and would not seem unusual to see George Washington or perhaps Benjamin Franklin come out of one of these residences. The town has done an excellent job of preserving our early American heritage.

Sam George Washington lived with people from anywhere in the country. The most visible and obvious of course was Rolling Thunder. This organization is already 20th year deals with the problems of war and police and supported the veterans of all wars. They roared into town on his Harley, their presence justified their behalf. Quite a sight!

Besides all the parades, speeches and ceremonies, which were held in honor of our fallen heroes, the National Cemetery Arlingtana nayboleyshae left an impression on me. When we passed through the gate with hundreds of other visitors to pay their respects, I was seized by severe sadness and gratitude.

My husband – the military, retired, as in many other Seven & # 39; pits, we also have a lot of people about whom we are afraid in Iraq. National Cemetery Arlingtana – it's so vivid picture of how many men and women have given their lives over the years to ensure the freedoms that we take for granted.

When I walked through the rows of tombstones, I was thinking about the diversity of this country and the life that we can continue and enjoy. It's true what they say: "Freedom is not free." I believe that the best way to thank our heroes – is to get out and enjoy all that this country has to offer. Walk – see "amber waves of grain," "purple mountain majesty" and "fruit plains." We do live in a country that deserves to be called "America the beautiful".

Hotels with Bed and Breakfast – for travelers on a honeymoon or weekend!

No matter what you are going on a honeymoon or just looking for a romantic getaway or want to spoil and feel a burden, a tavern with a bed and breakfast it is definitely the place where you should stay. These taverns offer a more personal touch than standard hotels and motels. They are known for their excellent breakfasts and one-on-one. I've been all over the United States, and I stopped for breakfast and lunches from Napa Valley to the Ozarks in Missouri, and I'm still disappointed. Some were small, had only one or two rooms, while others have been significantly greater. But one thing that their overall was warm and friendly service staff, who tried to introduce me and make my stay pleasant and enjoyable experience.

What to Expect

When booking the room with the staff required to ask details about the size and number of beds. Sometimes "Single" can refer to a single bed, or it is a room in which there is one double bed. The term "double" can refer to a room with two single beds or one double bed.

The bathrooms could include anything from a small closet with only a toilet, sink and shower, and two rooms that have a separate bath and shower. Cause sometimes surprising configuration is that many of these taverns – it's old home, which was not originally equipped plumbing and bathrooms were later added, where you can find a place. Some taverns have a common bath in the same general area. If you do not want to share a bathroom with other guests, you may want to pay a small additional fee to book a room with a private bathroom.

In most traditional taverns will not be a TV and phone in the rooms. Most of these have a & # 39; in public facilities for all guests to enjoy. But in the era of smart phones and laptops this may not be such a nuisance for people, as once.

Fantastic food

You will find that the food – one of the greatest benefits of staying in a bed and breakfast. You can expect to get the most recent of all, including eggs, muffins and fruit. These innkeeper proud that provide fresh home-cooked meals. Before you book your room, make sure that the restaurant offers just such food, which you prefer, whether it is a continental breakfast (coffee, cereals, toast, pastries) or a full breakfast, including things such as eggs, bacon, pancakes or French toast.

Other things to consider

Payment accepted: Most taverns accepts most major credit cards and cash. They can not take all the credit cards or checks, so be sure to ask in advance.

Cancellations and deposits: need to contribute to the first night in some hotels. If you cancel your booking before your stay, you may lose your deposit. Be sure to ask about these rules when booking rooms.

Length of visit: many taverns require reservation one night at the weekend.

Children as guests Most taverns prefer to stay only in older children, since they tend to be more relaxed than the younger. Again, ask about any age restrictions that might have a bed and breakfast.

Smoking: a lot of bed and breakfast does not include a policy on smoking, and even charge your credit card for payment for the cleaning, if anyone found smoking in the room or in the room.

Pets: Although some taverns will welcome small pets educated, they usually will not. Call for pets B & B & # 39; s.

B & B can provide accommodation that will allow private and truly unique travel experience with a touch of hometown flavor. These cozy and charming night with breakfast and a great choice for a holiday or business trip.

What is the travel broker and how to become one

The person who manages a travel company, with & # 39 is a broker. Broker – the intermediary. Brokers buy or organize a product or service and sell these items or services to the end customer. A few examples of brokers:

Independent insurance agents. These agents do not provide insurance; they can arrange insurance from the insurance company. Insurance agents usually receive commission from the insurance company.

Stockbrokers. How and insurance agents, stock brokers help to buy and sell stocks. They do not have to spare. These brokers also receive commission based on the amount sold.

real estate broker. Again, these brokers do not own the property they sell, and they receive a commission depending on the value of what they sell.

There is also a tourist brokers. Travel brokers serve a variety of clients. This article talks about what a broker round and fundamentals in this business.

That's a good description of what the trip: A trip with a visit to various places of interest for business, pleasure or study.

Here, the journey is defined: to go from one place to another, as in the trip; journey.

Tour – it's not just travel, but travel with pleasure and interest. You can think of the tour as the extended journey, when a & # 39; the object is to see and feel the terrain. Travel, on the other hand, usually goes only to move from one place to another.

The broker works with people constantly. If you are going to engage in this kind of business, you will enjoy working with people – you have to be a man.

Travel brokers are not & # 39 are travel agents. Travel agents organize travel needs of its customers. travel agents usually work only with individuals or small groups (eg, families). Travel agents are also always buy what they already have (air travel, car rentals, hotels, etc.), nothing happens to them.

Travel brokers originate – they organize trips, and they will arrange transportation, arrange accommodation they organize meals and they arrange other services for its customers. Broker plans on which type he wants to work.

Next excursion broker arranges different tour components – transportation, food, accommodation, attractions, etc.

There are many types of travel companies. Some offer tours of the area – for example, city tours and attractions. Some offer guided tours in a natural setting – in this category fall tour of the Grand Canyon. Some offer tours in various national and state parks. Some offer tours over a large area, shmatdyarzhavny tour – a good example.

If you want to travel – FREE – is big business

You may need to check the hotels and attractions that you will be doing as part of their tour. If you learned how you can get "computer" (abbreviated free or free) room and board. If you go along with the tour, you should expect to get re-sets. As it is set up so that you receive the workpiece, it is to teach your teacher.

Please note that the information provided here applies only to the United States. Other countries may have different rules

As I mentioned this is a business for people. He likes to work with people and loves to solve problems – the main requirement.

As a church – a church because someone calls it a church, a tourist broker – broker tour, because someone says they are – travel broker. No license is required. If you are running a business, you may need a federal tax identification number, and your county or city may require you to license for the business. How much you need a license to become a travel broker – here the license is not required. Since the mid-1930s until the 1980s transportation was strictly controlled by the Intergovernmental Commission on Trade (ITC). According to the Law on deregulation in 1982, the competition has been resolved, and the need for the federal government has become a thing of the past.

Depending on where you are a member, you may need some kind of business license. Call your local county office and ask for the office that deals with business licenses. It should be as simple as all that they really want – is to provide certain documents and pay them a small fee.

If you are going to make money (and what else to do business?), You will have to obtain a federal tax identification number. This number is called the tax identification number (TIN) and is used in the business for as long as your social security number is used for the benefits.

I have reviewed various websites on the Internet, which sought to make to become a tour operator. Most do not seem to understand what the tour operator. Those who are close to the concept, or offer to teach or provide links to sites that can prepare someone to become a guide. The guide is not of & # 39 is a tour operator – in the best tourist guide working for a tour operator.

The tour operator is your own business

It's as simple – you own and operate a business. If you plan to make a profit, you follow this rule – buy low, sell high. People tend to make things too complicated. You buy at one price and sell at a different price, it is easy, huh?

This "trick" to make money in the travel industry – understand the concept of break-even (BE). The fact that you do not lose money, not make money. To help you understand this concept, you need to understand that in most enterprises there are two costs – fixed and variable. Fixed price – is the one that occurs you have 10 customers or 46. Office rent – a fixed price. You must pay the rent, regardless of whether you are using the tour. Variable costs – the cost of which depends on something else. An example of a variable cost may be the cost of raising (the theme park). If you have 20 clients, the total cost of raising dependent (variable) on the number of customers.

The lack of good information about the business made me believe that those who work in this business, they do not want competition, or they do not have time to write about how they do business. Thoughtful journey properly publicized, could bring thousands of profit. For example, suppose you conduct a seven-day bus tour. The tour sold for $ 985,00 (per person, double occupancy), and you have 36 people go on tour. Gross profit from this tour will be more than 35 000,00 dollars, and you should be able to save at least $ 10 000,00 from the sum.

This is for you a brief business?

Perhaps, in this case may have suras & # 39; serious money – you can also lose money. Here are some basic requirements that you must have before you start such a business.

Do you like working with people
Do not panic if things go from good to bad worse
You need to easily organize things
You must have at least some knowledge of computer programs – word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail
You must be a machine for copying and faxing
You must have at least one phone
You must have at least one relatively modern computer

Which tours and what do I do next?

The world is your oyster

This is a really fun part – you can go anywhere! Successful brokers carry out a three-day tour of Denver in the Rocky Mountains and adjacent seven-day tours in Branson, Missouri. on the east coast of the brokers offer tours to New England and parts of Eastern Canada, as well as longer tours in the south-west United States.

Brokers in Seattle makes good business tours to Copper Canyon in Mexico. Some brokers offer tours to musical events, art shows, and a short trip to New York for Christmas shopping.

Where to go, it's up to you, unless you are reasonable. The trip to Iraq now may not be the best choice, but in the UK there is a company that offers and conducts tours in Iraq – make sure that your clients sign a lot of information that you are not to blame in the event of your death. Given the current state of the economy may reasonably limit their offers to North America, but trips to Costa Rica seems to be selling very well.

To learn more about this exciting business, click here.

Trip to rest in the historic Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, a historic site on the island of Oahu, offers visitors never forget. Scroll down the page and learn more about this place that changed the course of the country in World War II and some other places of interest around it.
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Welcome to the Harbor Pier, the most visited tourist destination island of Oahu. Acquainted with a rich American history, you will surely remember this experience for a long period of time. We present some interesting facts about this place and the reasons why to visit this small piece of the historic island of Hawaii.
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Pearl Harbor, which is also called & # 39; Pu & # 39; uloa & # 39 ;, located on the island of Oahu, west of Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital. This place is well known by the Japanese attack in 1941, when in 1177 the water drowned sailors.
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The reason there was in 1931, when the Japanese began their efforts to create an entire empire in Asia. After the attack on China in 1937, they moved to Thailand and the Philippines to achieve its goal. UK (United Kingdom) was against this action and start to turn off help and freezing Japanese assets in each respective country.
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Followed by Great Britain, America and Japan to stop pushing their stride. Responding to the US, the Japanese launched an attack through the aircraft and midget submarines. Despite the fact that Americans have deciphered the attack code, they could not find the exact location before the attack occurred. The Japanese attacked and turned the day into a black day for Americans, which crippled the fleet and hunted in 2350 lives in 1177 from Arizona.
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In Pearl Harbor, you can carefully study the history by visiting the Visitor Center of Arizona Memorial. You will get the opportunity to take on board a Navy ship to travel to the Arizona Memorial, where on a marble wall inscribed the names of all the one thousand one hundred seventy-seven sailors and marines.

During the tour to Pearl Harbor you can enjoy the outstanding sights of the island of Oahu, including the Polynesian Cultural Center, the north shore and some of the world-famous museums, such as the submarine USS Bowfin, submarine USS Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum ocean. Magic City Honolulu is also in close proximity to the place where pleasure and satisfaction must for every visitor.

For accommodation you need not worry, as many hotels, and rent a condo-apartment provides quality accommodation with all modern amenities and recreational activities, depending on your budget. There are many eateries that offer fresh sea food as well as traditional Hawaiian dishes. To meet your needs in the stores, you can move to the city of Honolulu, where you will find a number of shopping areas of the world level.

Without a doubt, a visit to Pearl Harbor will be a unique experience in your life, memorable for a long period of time. To make your trip in advance, you can browse the Internet, where some reliable sites provide a variety of travel packages, depending on your budget. Together with a & # 39 objects for travel they can arrange accommodation and tour guides to show you all the sights. prices and services must be analyzed well offered on the site. This will help you find the right package for a tour of Pearl Harbor from a reputable travel company.
The firm on Wednesday said it raised $23 million in a funding round led by Japan’s SBI Holdings to fuel an aggressive expansion into Asia. SBI, a financial services business spun off from SoftBank, has made headlines in the past due to partnerships with blockchain companies like Ripple and R3. Elliptic also counts Spanish bank Santander as an investor.
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Terrorist funding is just one area of illicit activity the firm’s platform deals with. It’s also used to track people trading child pornography and drugs, as well as hacks that result in funds being stolen. Elliptic shows a different side of the crypto industry, in that its technology is seen as more favorable to financial services businesses and regulators.

Smith said the cryptocurrency industry has seen more growth in the last 18 months than it has in previous years. It’s enjoyed publicity from bitcoin more than doubling in value since the start of the year and Facebook announcing plans to launch an asset-backed virtual currency called Libra, in partnership with other tech and finance firms.

But Libra has been faced with fierce regulatory pushback. President Donald Trump has said Facebook may be required to seek a banking license to launch it, while several U.S. lawmakers have panned the company’s digital currency plans. Central bankers have also poured cold water on the idea, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saying the project should be halted until regulators’ concerns are addressed.

The most popular US city

In the United States to visit some of the most popular cities. They can be found in various US states, such as Minnesota, Colorado, Texas and Kansas. Beautiful scenery, reasonable housing prices and high schools make them one of the most residential areas in the United States.
Plymouth, Minnesota, belongs to the first hundred of the most convenient locations in the US in 2008. Accommodation is reasonable. Two-and the usual three-room house is 350 000 dollars. There are 50 000 new jobs for residents. The city has many beautiful lakes that are suitable for water skiing, boating and fishing.
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The Mall of America, the largest US shopping center, is just a short drive from Plymouth. Plymouth also boasts of its cultural activities and summer concerts, which are usually held in the amphitheater of al-fresco, Hilde Performance Center. The festival of fire and ice is held every February, including sports activities such as bowling, basketball and mini-golf – all of them are carried out on the ice!
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Fort Collins, Colorado, is also worth a visit in America. In each of the new road rocky town has a bike path. In the old town area of ​​the city there are more than two dozen eateries and four mikravyazachnyya plants. The new oncology center of the city will soon be the home of the award-Valley Health System powder in the framework of the outstanding medical services.
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Companies that are engaged in biology and technology, supported by a high level of employment here in Colorado. Colorado State University has excellent views in the city center. Soon, in the center of the city will implement a project on solar energy through a financial grant from the Department of Energy.

In Naperville, Illinois, in the heart of many restaurants, shops and shopping malls goods. Insidious games such as slip and slides are suitable here in his big front yards. Famous Riverwalk – is about two miles away brick path that aims for DuPazh River. Its proximity to Chicago – a bonus point, although most companies offer employment opportunities in the city. The American Public Library Hennen assessed the public library as the best city in the United States among small towns.
Round Rock, Texas, as a & # 39 is one of the most popular cities in the United States. He has excellent schools, affordable housing, and the computer industry, which make it one of the most populated cities in the country. The campus of Texas State University and three medical centers – the pride of the city. Round Rock – house young baseball team ligi– Round Rock Express, shopping centers and beautiful long lake. Eight hectares of open area and two golf courses – favorite place of residents.
It should also find time to see Overland Park, Kansas. It is close to the Kansas City, Missouri. Their accommodation is very reasonable, and the inhabitants of many employment opportunities. School is one of the best in the country. The town is known for its dendrareem and the botanical garden. Despite modernization, the city supports nature.
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Also visit Echo Park just 2 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles with a hilly terrain, which makes it unique among neighborhoods. This place has a lively mix of culture, business, architecture, income and social and civic endeavors. Its historic architecture, varied topography and the tireless efforts of citizens to protect their historic artistic community – this is a plus to preserve the sense of place and eclectic Ecopark. The most attractive areas to neighborhoods with the & # 39 is the height of Angelina in the area of ​​Lake Echo.
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The contribution of archeology in the trail of Lewis and Clark

Archeology: SUPPORT FOR Leavis and Clark

Archeology faced with special problems in determining the campsites on the trail, but has benefited from recent advances in technology. In contrast to the field of the Civil War battlefield or visit the pre-historic home track, the expedition route gives very little evidence. Lewis and Clark campsites difficult to confirm because the researchers have left few traces. In 2004, the authors of “Lewis and Clark”, “Heritage Memories” and “New Perspective” had a dark look at the archaeological role in bitsenale Lewis and Clark. Ya
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This article draws a vivid picture of reviewing the literature up to the present time to explore some of the relatively recent developments in the field of archeology. It focuses on areas in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and the Columbia River Basin in Washington Camp station. It will also put forward new scientific methods used to search for campsites, and explore how these findings have helped to save some of these sites from destruction.
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National Park Service has always supported archaeological research and in favor of maintaining the trails. Their website lists the efforts of the Commission of Lewis and Clark Trail, Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Inc. and other public and private organizations which attempt to find and keep track of. Modern Americans can only see a few places on the trail as they saw the Lewis and Clark. On the NPS website has photos that show more pristine views of many sites.
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NPS lists sites in Montana and other states, such as site 32, Fort Mandan and 34, Fort Klatsap of archaeological significance. ii
On the & # 39; archaeological research facilities in Montana include:
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Area 3 Lemchen-pass; Site 4, Lolo Trail; Site14 State Park Rock Beaverhead Rock; Stage 15, pass Bozeman; Area 16, in the Buffalo jump Arrow Creek; 17 playground, camp, disappointment; Playground 18 joint Maryyas and Missouri rivers; Area 19 Gate mountains; Site 20, Great Falls; Site 21, Lewis and Clark; Site 22, the Lewis fight Blekfet site; Playground 23, Upper Missouri River breaks national monument; Area 24, Pompey and pillar; Playground 25 Rocks Horses; Site 26, Ross Hall; Platform 27, three forks of Missouri; and the site of 28, travelers and vacation. iii

Buffalo Jump, leisure travelers and the bottom of the Great Falls were particularly useful for archaeologists.

Jump buyfalav in Arrow Creek
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In a beautiful section of “White Cliffs”, which took place in Missouri, the expedition “Lewis” and “Clark” probably were the first US citizens, who saw and recorded the buffalo jump site, where were still dead animals. 29 mine in 1805 during the Lewis and Clark expedition occurred this leap. He was on the north side of the base 120 along the Missouri-futovay rocks that came up almost to the water’s edge. Men watched and smelled the carcasses of more than 100 dead and rotting buffaloes, which are devoured by wolves.
Place was discovered in 1963 as a group 24CH240 Interdepartmental Program for the archaeological rescue Missouri basin, which conducted a survey of places in this part of the river. rescue team found only two bone fragments, some others of whom also watched a private owner. IV
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page 2

traveler Rest

On vacation “Traveler” in the 1990s, aerial infrared photography showed evidence of ring caps. Historical research coincided with the coordinates of latitude and longitude recorded by Lewis and Clark in the very place Lola Creek. Dan Hall and other equipment used magnetometers to find changes in the magnetic properties of the soil. They also found Vaughn cracked rock, and charcoal solid lead puddle.
These findings suggest that this place is exposed to strong heat, believed to be a result of a large military cook, cooking. They knew that the expedition had melted their empty cans with lead powder to make musket balls, thereby puddle of lead.
Sites of other countries, which are discussed in this article include sites 32, Fort Mandan and 34, Fort Klatsap. Later, archaeologists have found signs that the trench was dug 300 meters from the firing zone, which corresponds to the requirements of the army at the time, regulating the location of toilets. vyparshchyka mercury tests confirmed the presence of mercury in the trench, and not in the surrounding soil. In his journal, Lewis noted that at least two men were sick at this point travel and receive medicines that contain a sufficient amount of mercury, which would pass through the body and left in place. v These pills are known as “Dr. Rush” were sixty percent of mercury, which is not decomposed.
These findings are significant because the area was surrounded by the living area, which is growing rapidly, and camping was recognized as one of the most endangered historic places in the nation in 1999. This popularity has helped to attract a grant fund Melanie Richard King, which allowed the purchase of 15 hectares is considered the heart of the camping. vi
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Lower portage Big Falls

In the 1990s on the site of the lower body of water large bodies of water of the Missouri River in Montana Dr. Ken Karsmiski I studied one of the areas marked by the remains of 12 fires. Researchers & # 39; Magazines tell us about 12 days in this camp. Three fires are equally spaced in a line that involves organized camping were found. Arheamagnitnyya charred remains of dates that correspond to the occupation of Lewis and Clark. They also radiocarbon dated with carved wooden stakes disclosed in the vertical position in the soil to 1810 ± 40, and a portion of the bones of bison to 1810 ± 50. Party members “C” D produced a large amount of the dried fish, meat and pemmikanav (dried meat bison mixed with fat), while in the camp at Big Falls. Karsmizki added the fifth spot at which he hoped to obtain the remains of a collapsible boat with an iron frame, which the party has refused top of a large waterfall, because they lacked materials – pine tar and needles for sewing together – it is necessary for the manufacture of utensils waterproof. vii
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Articles about campsites in archeology We continued to work include a search of the elusive iron boats, canoes Elavston camp, Fort Mandan area in North Dakota and the search for Camp Wood / Camp Dubois, near St. Louis St. Louis. While the search for iron ship Ken Karsmizki exciting and receiving letters to the editor, in this article it is too involved. Assistance received from the Great Falls of NASA, will be discussed later.

Canoeing Elavston camp should be revised due to recent events. Article by Ken Karsmizki in WPO , Vol. 21 no. 4 “Search hidden, some effort to find the expedition camp”, with the & # 39; is a compelling discussion of the difficulties faced archaeologists in 1995. It is also an excellent overview of archeology. The lack of concrete facts in notebooks, changing the course of rivers, historical fires and floods, poorly drawn maps and erosion, the recent invasion of the land and the unreliability of local informants were problems in all archaeological sites, not to mention the fact. resources and funding.

Despite the problems, the author is optimistic that archeology eventually pulled from the scope of the historical facts of history and folklore, and justify them in material reality. viii

page 3

Canoe Camp Elavston

The camp on the island of Yelaston River – a place that is being investigated as a possible site of the camp by canoe kayak in July 1806. Archaeologist Tom Rust began research on the island in 2011, when historian and cartographer Ralph Sonders Rust convinced that he has placed the canoe seat. His study of the original maps, historic photographs and aerial photographs enabled him to make sure that his calculations found a place at eight other sites were considered for the camp along the 12-mile mile River between Columbus and Park City.

Rust explore the island using magnetometers and meters of soil sustainability to assess violations and soil compaction. The hope was that the survey will be able to find an old fireplace, toilet, place the head, and even the way in which men are moved by camping. Their efforts were rewarded when they had several metal detector and found a perfectly round lead ball, which is believed to have been sidelined. Isotopic analysis was consistent with the artifact from vacation travelers. They also found mercury deposit in the wells, which corresponded to what was found in the vacation traveler. Buckle and bone, expressed in the same field at the same depth, and some brought near what looked like fire him, tested with an acceptable date range, were further proof that it was a camp canoe.

This site is interesting for the environment, as the river Elavston greatly moved. Fortunately, when the river was moving, even forming a new channel, and then bouncing back, the island seems to be spared from destruction by flood waters, which could wash away any evidence of the expedition. ix

Bar navel bar

After returning home in May 1806 the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped near Kami, waiting, when the snow melts in the mountains Bitterta. Meryvater Lewis on this route sent Sergeant John Ordeuya and two other people to the Snake River to trade salmon with “Nez Perce” – the food necessary for their passage through the mountains. Ordeuey wrote about the trip in their magazine. “We have come a long house and down the hills in the worst we’ve ever seen, as the broken road”, – stated in the materials of the magazine. And on their arrival in the village: “For a long time they invited us spread robes, so we sat and faced us with fried salmon and some of their white bread, which they called & # 39; uppah & # 39; the length of a hundred feet or twenty feet wide, and all in one. ”

State archaeologist Ken Reid with Idaho State Historical Society led project to investigate in Cougar Rapids Bar. They found a groove lodges and slope, where they are likely to wait until the fish was prepared. Using high-tech tools to look below the surface, Dr. Reid’s team reflected the rim of an apartment building and hearths or fireplaces, which ran down the middle. Dr. Reid and his team dug a small test pit in the hearth and picked up the mound on one side of the house, and found the artifacts – carbon dated to the early 1800s. They also found a half blue glass ball, two brass taps and a tiny arrow. These data in conjunction with a description of a village in Ordway magazine, as well as other studies of possible ways to Snake River make Dr. Reed is very sure that this is where Ordeuey and his men stayed two nights Trading salmon. x

Sites Rock Fort and Camp station, as well as Fort Klatsap on the far western part of the trail also had new development. Proven methodology Karsmizki – is long laborious process of analysis charts and magazines, geophysical surveys and interpretation of test sites and, if it is to justify the wide excavation and laboratory analyzes. This analysis includes dendrochronology, radiocarbon dating, dating arheamagnitnyya, lead isotope analysis and faunal analysis in many laboratories in the US and Canada. This finding helped NASA and the US Air Force.

page 4

Rock fortress

In an interview with & # 39; nd correspondent John Komptanu Oregon in July 2010. Ken Karsmiski spoke about his research in the Rock Fort and NASA help in this project. He pointed out that Discovery housing latitude calculations were not accurate, and maps of the same area were different. He said: “They (with D) wrote a million words in their journals, but nine journalists see everything differently, especially at a distance people are changing their views on the environmental features The same thing happened everywhere they went..” Karsmizki should It was to see the course map and look at the details. NASA has offered to help with four satellites use sensors to create maps The Dalles, that they might impose on the Lewis and Clark map. Incidentally, this Mill Creek and the bank of the Columbia River. They then used ground penetrating radar in and put thirty-six holes in the lattice in the region in which they considered there. If it is not, they have committed themselves to reducing the three, because Clark wrote that they were in artificial fort established by stone walls, and they were afraid to attack. The area was covered grobnay surface and had seven feet on top of the historical surface. On the windowsill, they were able to find the dog’s skull and leather strips.

Unfortunately, in the Columbia River there is only one site Rock Fort, which is no longer under water because of dams. It is located in Dali, near the underpass Union Street and is in state hands. It was a good place because it was not a single building, and napavnyalnae coating may retain it for excavation. xi

NASA satellite images connect precisely with detailed historical maps to help find Karsmizkam camping. In some cases, technology can reduce the potential area of ​​several square miles up to ten hectares. Office for applications of NASA’s Earth Science image provided Karsmizki and his team. Mark Giardini, Acting Deputy Director ESAD in Stennis, said that the NASA scientists could create a 360-degree view of the area where the traveling researchers and archaeologists can get the same kind as that of aircraft. Color is very important when looking for historical places. For example, a small difference in the shade of a large wheat field may indicate a place outpost. xii

Station Camp Fort Vancouver

Opening the case of Lewis and Clark passed here only 10 days. Historians have called the place “Station Camp”, because the main sightseeing station Lieutenant William Clark was a detailed and accurate map of the mouth of the Columbia River. and vicinity. Dr. Wilson is the principal investigator, included in research and development of various scientific methods to establish the chronology of the site and obtain additional information from the artifacts, including carbon-14 dating, ground penetrating radar, magnetometers analysis and isotopic analyzes. Dr. Wilson – archaeologist regional department of the National Park Service in the western region of the Pacific, based at the National historic site of Fort Vancouver. He was also the main link with the Indian tribes that have pretendentsyi the site of Central Village. For his work he was awarded the John Kotera. John Kotter was one of the founding fathers of historical archeology in the United States. xiii

His work was important for the eco-footprints, because his research formed the basis for the interpretation of the park development on Station Camp / Middle Village Village and the project, which involved the nation Chinook, Washington, and the National Park Service. He also attracted students and the public, thereby raising awareness of the importance of the site for the history.

page 5

Fort Klatsap

Fort Klatsop, in the Columbia River about five miles south of the modern Astoria, was the winter camp 1805 33rd housing opening and the first tangible evidence of the United States on the Pacific coast in the words of Steven Beckham the historical Lewis and Clark College. Fort became critical to US claims to the region.

The original settlement a little more than three months, it was recorded that may burn in the 1850s to make way for the Pioneer Garden. In 1955, the local community has built a replica of Fort Klatsapa (named after the local tribe), to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the expedition. In 2005, Fort Klatsap again burned down just a month before the on-site will be scheduled two-year celebration of Lewis and Clark.

Federal arson investigation found that the restored Fort Klatsop was the victim of an accidental fire, which started with a traveling angle of the working chamber. Investigators can forgive instantly regarded archeology as suspects. Although some excavations were carried out on the site of the camp in 1950, the destruction of replica given archaeologists of the National Park Service to Doug Wilson opportunity properly to excavate this site with the use of modern methods, including remote sensing. His crew has already identified about 20 percent of the site without disturbing the concrete foundation of the reconstructed fort, including several deep holes filled with charcoal, the possible remains of dug wells for the fortress. “We have turned this tragedy into a real possibility,” – said Wilson. xiv

NASA also participated in this site. Satellite data includes a 30-meter Mapper Landsat Thematic and 1 meter IKONOS data space way xv

NASA Changing the face of the West, and archaeological research

Мэта навукоўцаў NASA і іншых даследчыкаў, якія працуюць над адмысловым двухгадовым праектам, складала здымкі дыстанцыйнага зандзіравання спадарожнікаў і самалётаў з мэтай стварэння дакладных трохмерных карт і візуалізацыі кемпінгаў Льюіса і Кларка для дарог і прыпынкаў, а таксама вырабляць калекцыя спадарожнікавых здымкаў, даступная ў Інтэрнэце. Акрамя археалагічных даследаванняў, задачы па кіраванні ландшафтам ўключаюць ацэнку ўздзеяння рэжымаў парушэння пажараў на дзікіх землях на экасістэмы, маніторынг змены забалочаных участкаў, вымярэнне гарадской экспансіі, адсочванне шкодных і інвазівных пустазелля, а таксама адлюстраванне вегетатыўнай мазаікі для ключавых лагераў Люіса і Кларка, такіх як Форт Клатсоп ( зіма 1805-1806).

Гэты праект быў распрацаваны на падставе пагаднення NASA Space Space, у якім удзельнічалі таленты кампаніі GCS Research, кампаніі па геаграфічных прасторах інфармацыйных тэхналогій у Місуле, штат Мантана і TechLink Center of State University (MSU). “Пастаяннае значэнне экспедыцыі Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery складаецца ў часопісах і картах, якія яны стваралі. Яны ўяўляюць сабой здымак з прыроднай гісторыі Паўночнай Амерыкі дзвесце гадоў таму. Наборы дадзеных дыстанцыйнага зандзіравання NASA ўяўляюць сабой яшчэ адзін здымак у час “, – сказаў Уэстон, менеджэр тэхналогій MSU TechLink Center. xvi

У 2003 годзе NASA, GCS Research і яго тэхналагічныя партнёры будавалі адзін з этапаў геасістэмы Lewis і Clark, які ўключае ў сябе геабазічную базу дадзеных дыстанцыйнага зандзіравання камбінаваных актываў з розных існуючых геапрасторальных рэсурсаў для Lewis і Clark Trail. Выявы QuickGird DigitalGlobe былі ўключаны ў растравы каталог Lewis and Clark. xvii

стар 6

Яшчэ адным прадуктам, распрацаваным падчас праекта Льюіса і Кларка, стала віртуальная і дакладная рэндэрынг некалькіх гістарычных сайтаў Корпуса Адкрыццяў, асабліва Форт-Клатсап. Гэтыя віртуальныя прадукты пашыраюць навуковыя даследаванні і служаць для навучання і інфармавання насельніцтва пра праект і яго вынікі. Па заканчэнні праекта былі апрацаваны трыццаць розных набораў дадзеных дыстанцыйнага зандзіравання космасу NASA. Гіперспектральныя дадзеныя адкрываюць новыя магчымасці для будучых археалагічных адкрыццяў. Гіперспектральная тамаграфія дзеліць спектр на значна больш дыяпазонаў, чым можа выявіць чалавечае вока. Мэтай гіперспектральнай візуалізацыі з'яўляецца атрыманне спектру для кожнага пікселя ў выяве сцэны з мэтай пошуку аб'ектаў, ідэнтыфікацыі матэрыялаў альбо выяўлення працэсаў.

Тэхналогія дыстанцыйнага зандзіравання і аналіз малюнкаў зараз перажываюць глыбокі зрух у акцэнтах ад шырокай класіфікацыі да выяўлення, ідэнтыфікацыі і стану канкрэтных матэрыялаў, як арганічных, так і неарганічных.

Гэтыя новыя тэхналогіі прапануюць археолагам яшчэ больш магчымасцей для даследаванняў і аналізу. Адной з магчымых абласцей, дзе гіперспектральныя дадзеныя могуць быць вельмі каштоўнымі, з'яўляецца фітаархеалогія, якая вызначаецца як аналіз узаемасувязі паміж расліннасцю і археалогіяй. Тры канкрэтныя вобласці фітаархеалогіі могуць атрымаць вялікую карысць ад гіперспектральных малюнкаў:

1) выяўленне канкрэтных відаў раслін, якія звязаны з археалагічнымі помнікамі;

2) Параўнальная фізіялогія раслін або вызначэнне стрэсу ці энергіі раслін; and

3) Стварэнне індэкса зменлівасці расліннасці. xviii

Падарожнікі, якія ідуць за Корпусам Адкрыцця, шукаюць вопыту. Фрэсанк і Спенс у Льюіса і Кларка, Спадчыны, Успаміны і Новая перспектыва гэта выдатна выказваюць. “Яны не прыязджаюць у адзін турыстычны пункт; замест гэтага яны сустракаюць зусім новы ландшафт, які не відаць з бруёў або чатырохпалосных дарог … Услед за капітанамі” – асабістае падарожжа адкрыццяў, турыстычная адысея, якая злучае ландшафт. і гісторыя, апісаная ў часопісах Льюіса і Кларка “. xix

Цяпер праз шмат гадоў след зноў ацэньваюць прыгажосць і дзіва, якія ў ім убачылі Льюіс і Кларк. Як спадзяваўся Кен Карсміскі ў сваім артыкуле 1995 года для “Мы працягваліся”, археалагічныя даследаванні адыгралі важную ролю ў захаванні слядоў шляхам вызначэння кемпінгаў і прадастаўлення навуковых доказаў іх матэрыяльнага існавання. Археолагі не толькі прасунулі прафесію гістарычнай археалогіі пры дапамозе найноўшых тэхналогій і NASA, але і дапамаглі Нацыянальнай паркавай службе і шматлікім іншым дзяржаўным і прыватным арганізацыям вярнуць след для наступных пакаленняў следчых даследчыкаў.

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старонка 7

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Магчымыя здымкі, якія могуць быць уключаны ў розныя пункты артыкула.

Landsat 5 і чорна-белыя гістарычныя аэрафотаздымкі са сцежкай Льюіса і Кларка. Сумесь малюнкаў паказвае змены ў рацэ Місуры каля нацыянальнага прытулку для дзікай прыроды Дэсота на поўнач ад Амахі. КРЕДИТ ІМІДЖ: Даследаванні GCS

Адна з самых ранніх існуючых фотаздымкаў Вясёлкавага вадаспаду, якая займала другое месца па вышыні, толькі Вялікі вадаспад з пяці серый у гэтай частцы ракі. Такое меркаванне адлюстроўвае некрануты аспект краіны, бо ён, напэўна, з'явіўся ў 1805-6 гг. (Гістарычнае таварыства Мантаны.)

Гэтая выява Вясёлкавага вадаспаду, зробленая ў 1944 годзе, рэзка кантрастуе з вышэйзгаданай. Недалёка ад патоку знаходзіцца плаціна Мантанскай электрастанцыі. У летнія і засушлівыя месяцы года значна менш вады паступае над падзеннямі, чым паказана тут, і вялікія ўчасткі каменнага выступу падзення агаляюцца і пазбаўляюцца прыгажосці белай, падаючай вады. (Мантанская энергетычная кампанія (1944).)

Калі Райан Дам вылучае мала вады, на заднім плане Вялікі вадаспад сціхае. (Служба нацыянальнага парку (Appleman, 1964 г.))

Льюіс і Кларк, агляд гістарычных помнікаў і будынкаў, служба нацыянальнага парку

Wine tour – Nebraska prosperous country wine

NE is well known for its agriculture, supplying an abundance of rich food crop farms, which disclose landscape. As a bonus for lovers of the grape vines – it is among the flowering crops, especially in the eastern part of the state. The merger of the Platte and Missouri rivers creates a gorgeous valley and the ideal environment for the growth of the number of wineries Nebraska, who are just waiting for your visit.

Let's take a closer look at the Nebraska wine industry, as well as Omaha and study abroad.

wine Nebraska

Nebraska, like other countries in the south-west, has a long tradition of grape growing and winemaking. Before the ban more than 5,000 acres of grapes spread in the village of Nebraska. Since the mid 80-ies., Nebraska's wine industry began to fly, and now there are wineries in all regions of the state.

Although most people associate the Nebraska countryside with miles of flat cornfields, this image is at best misleading. It is interesting to note that in Nebraska has several different microclimates. Especially it concerns the eastern part of the state, home to Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska's two largest cities.

Currently, Nebraska has more than 25 wineries, and almost all rely on the cultivation of fruit and grapes in Nebraska, to create wines that are rapidly becoming known and respected by consumers of wine and wine presses. We discussed the wine industry in Nebraska Kerry Potter, executive director of the Association of wine producers and grape growers Nebraska, who shared the promising news about the industry. Plans to officially appoint one or several wine routes in Nebraska with the cooperation and support of the Nebraska Department of Tourism and tourism.

People often ask us, "How wine from a northwestern state may be significantly different from another?". The answer is simple – the soil. Different climatic and geophysical conditions bring different flavors of grape, and this is an exciting discovery to obtain the final result.

From all this, we visited five distilleries in the region Nebraska metro covering Omaha, located along the Missouri River, and the capital city of Lincoln, Nebraska, in less than an hour away.

Come join us as we learn more about wine Omaha, Lincoln, and Nebraska.

Opening for Omaha

It is also convenient to get to Omaha. Located directly in the middle of the country, you will find Omaha off Interstate 80, moving along the east / west and Interstate 29 to the north / south.

And once you are back, you'll understand why so many people talk about Omaha favorably. The city center is compact and easy to navigate, with many dining options and entertainment. Here, the story says, even if the city is growing and goes into high technology. Most genuine smiles and hospitality of the north-west is alive and well.

We arrived in the middle of the morning, trying to see some of the sights of Omaha before the wine tasting dinner.

Coordination Omaha downtown center with a & # 39 is the Old Market area, distinguished historic area with original brick streets filled with shops and restaurants. We planned dinner at the Old Market, so we went to the Gardens Lavryttsen, on the south side of Omaha and close to Henry Doorly Zoo and Rosenblatt Stadium, home to the College World Series baseball.

Lavryttsen Garden, Botanical Gardens Omaha – is 100 acres of tranquility acres, perfect for small classes on foot. Play amid rose gardens, a Victorian garden, arboretum or flower hall. After lunch in the cafe and Johnny Steak House, Omaha wonderful tradition since 1922, it is time to study the ongoing relationship with the Omaha Missouri River on the River Sever River.

On the Missouri River

At this hour cruise on the Missouri, you will slide along the waterfront parks Omaha, including Lewis and Clark pier. This acre park on 23 acres – one of the gathering places of Omaha, where the board on top of the wall of the river, marina and night music in season. You will also be gardens and fountains Heartland of America, Omaha skyline and downtown Blefs Iowa just across the river.

Distillery Area Omaha

With most of the day ahead of us, we set out to explore two wineries Omaha.

Coming south of Omaha metro area is transformed into a rich river valley. In this way a wide stretch of the farm. It is easy to understand why agriculture is thriving here because Missouri River and the fertile soil on the & # 39; combine to provide a rich harvest.

Just 15 minutes south of Omaha in the middle of this beautiful valley you will find vineyards Palyayuchyh Wings. Since 2003, the family & # 39; I Shaw operates the 11-acre vineyard and winery on the land, which was the former settlement of Indians. At the site of numerous artifacts have been found, and from the 1800s, the main occupation of farming.

Tasting room and outside veranda here – the perfect way to spend a few hours on a sunny day. Inside or outside you panoramic views of the surrounding valley. You can buy wine with a glass of Soaring Wings, in partnership with the Nebraska cheese, sausage and other delicacies. Local ornaments adorn the walls, and "Soaring Wings" holds live music on Friday and Sunday night.

Going to the tasting area, we were pleased to see so many different styles. Wines Soaring Wings have won nearly 150 medals in international competitions, so chances are that you have chosen, like your taste. Our favorite was a little dry red, a special reserve Sainte-Croix. This wine is rich and hearty, made from grapes with dark fruit bouquet.

For all ryzlingu lovers, go to the Winter White, Palyayuchyya Wings and # 39; the most popular wine. This wine offers a sweet, perfectly balanced with clear characteristics of a good rylinga. Slightly sweet red, there is Mystic Red, absolutely a broken fruit.

Further south, about 50 minutes from Omaha in Nebraska, sitting Kimmel garden and vineyard. It is a popular place has a long history dating back to 1925.

Located on 90 acres of fertile farmland Missouri Valley, Garden and Vineyard Kimmel devoted to agricultural education, agro-tourism and the preservation of history. According to their research site conducted programs and classes at the University of Nebraska, and throughout the year there are numerous events for the general public. Kimmel also & # 39 is the main partner of the Arbor Day Foundation.

During our visit we visited the vineyard and learned that grapes bloom in the corner of Nebraska. You'll find vines Lacrosse, Concord, and Shamburtsyn vigneulles. Elsewhere on the special trail two miles, which Vie through the site, you will come across a demonstration of cider, as well as fruit and vegetable picking. Stop and enjoy the view on one of the many benches or picnic tables.

You can easily spend most of the day in a fruit garden Kimmel, closing stop in the apple sheds for wine tasting. For lovers of white wine, try LaCrosse, semi-sweet gem with aromas of melon and pear. Or have fun with the apple cider wine made from cider apples grown here.

Keeping the best for last, we went into the red wine mode orchard Kimmel DeChaunac. This French hybrid grape produces dry red wine made bold, saturated and saturated. No less satisfying was Shamburtsyn and one of our personal favorites. This wine offers an excellent balance of dark fruit flavors with a lively sharp blow.

night Omaha

With joyful hour and dinner in our sights, we headed back to Omaha city center, destination Old Market area.

As the heart of Omaha, The Old Market offers unique shops, local restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets, as well as enough of arts and entertainment, so you have not been occupied for a few hours. The four blocks have restored warehouses, old-fashioned lighting and authentic brick street. Rich in history, but modern and contemporary, Old Market – Omaha is in the best case.

Located in the Old Market, stop to shop in The Everything Them, an art gallery with prints, ornaments and historical gifts. Or look for a cold in the restaurant "Old Bari About the market." For a world-class wine, there is a pub M & # 39; s, the old market, which is a & # 39 is the main product for over 30 years.

Omaha has long been known as a haven for great steaks, and, with that in mind, we stopped at the brewery "upstream" to drink and dine. Name, located in a renovated fireplace, a rising name derives from the original values ​​of the Indians word "Omaha", which means upstream or against the tide.

Beer is exceptional. We started with the panelists, 4 oz. a sample of the whole. Easy Coryphaeus – blonde Gold Coast, and US wheat – high level hefevayzena and ESB fire-house – the delight of malt. For something a little edgier, try the fresh and cheerful Indian Pale But either my favorite, thick and creamy Blackstone-Stout, named after the iconic hotel Omaha yore.

After lunch, you can explore other options for nightlife in the Old Market or take a tour on the trolley. Away from the city center, on Dodge Street, Omaha, the main highway in the east / west, there are numerous nightlife, entertainment and food.


After a morning filled with more attractions Omaha, we hopped on Interstate 80 west for a short journey to Lincoln. Back in the late 1990s, we visited his first visit to the capital city of Lincoln, Nebraska, is less than an hour from Omaha. You do not need a token run or GPS, so you know that you are close to Lincoln … just look at the horizon, and you will see how Capitol Building Nebraska rises.

Lincoln – hardy and lively city, home not only to the state government, but also the University of Nebraska. Here football controls the lively atmosphere on campus and in the city center. When planning a night, we had enough time to study society.

In the area of ​​Lincoln are the three most well-known wineries Nebraska. We were able to visit one in our first day, and the other two the next day. But first in the order was a little sightseeing. Let explore Lincoln …

Top and haymaking

Our first stop in Lincoln was the Capitol building in Art Deco style, one of the most unique and stylish in the US, built from 1922 to 1932, costing 10 million dollars, building majestic four-meter domed towers and a low prevalence database contains art objects of the external and internal art, representing the natural, social and political development of Nebraska. Be sure to visit the observation deck of the 14th floor to get a beautiful view of the Lincoln and the surrounding area.

It is less than a mile away in the center of one of the main attractions of Lincoln's historic hay field. Named after the historical market square, created in the late 1800s, the Lincoln city center with the & # 39 is a trade and dining magnet. One of our favorite shops here – Nebraska, gift shop, in which all kinds of products of local production, including wine Nebraska. In fact, there is even a tasting bar, so you can do, how we are, and try wines from wineries across the state.

Classic country and the prime minister's & # 39; er Lincoln

In the afternoon visit the winery plans demanded outside the city, so a quick lunch was in order. We learned about a small local fast food chain called Runza Restaurants of Lincoln Convention and visitors, and were able to find a branch Runzy on the way to the winery.

Therefore, there is a review of what the restaurants Runza invented "Classic Lincoln more than 50 years." You must try the original Runza sandwich. This fresh dough, stuffed with corned beef corrected, twisted and baked … It's something like the intersection between the wrap and buryto. And do not miss the onion rings in Runza – they doubled, perfectly crispy and so tasty!

The Lincoln could easily get around it, and a very short ride brought us to the wine house Prime Country, a few miles southwest of Lincoln in the town of Denton.

Prem & # 39; er-country – a true taste of Nebraska, as each wine is made from grapes grown on the site. The vineyard has grapes DeChaunac, LaCrosse, Concord, Edelweiss and St. Louis Vincent, and the end product is used in the self-wines or multimodal grades.

We felt like this starring rosy guilt, especially "Denton Blush", medium dry wine, made from an equal mixture of red and white grapes. Thinking about wine to spartsitstsa with steak, we tried and purchased Nebraska Red, affirmative dry red made from grapes Dehaun.

Prime Country offers up a dozen wines – from white to red and from dry to sweet. They will welcome your visit all year round.

The first winery the next day Deer Springs Winery is located in a quiet country, located to the northeast of the Lincoln. We were looking forward to visit here because, as the Prime Minister's & # 39; er-winery Prime Country, most of the wines in the Deer Springs made with grapes grown on the site. A family operation, wine-tasting room Deer Creek is located in a beautifully restored house padvor & # 39; I was late 1800. There is a well-maintained outdoor area to sit and enjoy a bottle of wine or a picnic, but in the spring and summer months, a variety of events.

Deer Springs offers a full line of red and white, so there are many options. But we particularly recommend two white wines, Brianna and Firefly White. Both wines Semi-dry with a touch of sweetness, but the most impressive features of both of the & # 39 are tropical fruit aromas. Prairie Sunrise was another winner, a little more than a dry, almost in the style of Chardonnay.

Our favorite Red Deer Springs wine was a show preryyskim between sunset and autumn forest (love those names!). Prairie Sunset – a mixture of vintage St. Patrick St. Vincent and St. Vincent Croy, deep purple color, with aromas of dark ripe plums. Autumn Woods checks into the dryer, from smoky and sharp characteristics that made us think of the pairing of steak or barbecue. Several bottles have been added to our collection blossoming wine Nebraska!

Our last winery on this trip was the biggest and one of the most famous vineyards of James Arthur James Arthur, opened in 1997 in the town of Raymond, and just 15 minutes from Lincoln.

Located in the hilly countryside, adjacent to 20 acres of vineyards, James Arthur Vineyards offers a lot of places on your large enclosed porch or in the shade of three arbors. Enjoy a bottle of wine outside in a pair with one of several eateries baskets filled with special food directly from local purveyors Nebraska.

We enjoyed one of the most interesting wines that we tried that day trips to Nebrastsy. This white wine Snowy Egret, made from a grape called Geyzenhaym. Slightly sweet, with the unmistakable aroma of grapefruit and dance, it is a very unique style and very drinkable. The best thing is that revenue for every bottle sold is donated Lincoln Children's Zoo.

It is also interesting was the San Realta, red wine almost Sangre style. Winery staff calls San Realto red wine for people who do not like dry red. It is made from grapes with a small amount DeChaunac Concord grape, which is added for sweetness. And then there Gamebird White, a little twig and complex, made from grapes of St. Pepin, which is grown in the vineyard of James Arthur.

James Arthur Vineyards will deliver their wine (depending on where you live), so enter, order and try the real taste of Nebraska.

Reflections on Nebraska

Opening wine a lot of fun, and Nebraska wine for us was a great discovery. Before this trip we had never tasted wine Nebraska. Winemakers here are proud of their work, and we were particularly struck by their desire to use local grapes in the wine-making process. And with delivery rules gradually zmyakchatstsa, taste the wine Nebraska is more convenient than ever.

At some point, we plan to go back and explore the rest of the wineries Nebraska. In the western Nebrastsy there are several, and several more in the planning stages. Winegrowers Association and grape growers of Nebraska is moving forward with the propaganda of ideas to help market and support the state wine industry, which will undoubtedly increase the profile of wines Nebraska.

If your travel plans take you along the south-west on Interstate 80, do not forget to stop in Omaha and Lincoln. We really enjoyed the excellent food, local attractions and, above all, genuine hospitality in the southwest.

The best hotels in Phoenix

Here I have a list of the most famous hotels, which are described in the following lines with the most important information briefly.

  • Phoenix: Econo Lodge & Suites

Address: 202 E. McDowell Rd, AZ 85004. Phone:. (602) 528-9100. Fax: (602) 258-7259.

An inexpensive option, Los Olivos – simple hotel in the city center, a short walk from the Heard Museum.

Number of rooms: 48

Price: $ 50 – $ 100

  • Phoenix: Inn Ramada Inn

Address: 401 North Street, 85004. AZ.. Phone: (602) 258-3411. Fax: (602) 258-3171.

Located in the city center near the conference center, the rooms are stylish, fast and business.

Features: 163

Price: $ 50 – $ 100

  • Phoenix: Sunshine Hotel & Resort

Address: 3600 N. 2nd Ave., AZ 85031. Price: (602) 248-0222. Fax: (602) 265-6331.

One of the most luxurious buildings of this robust network, with extensive facilities including a well-equipped gym, four swimming pools and a spa center offering a range of treatments

Number of rooms: 274

Price: $ 50 – $ 100

  • Phoenix: Best Western Central Phoenix Inn

Address: 1100 N. Central Avenue, AZ 85004. Phone: (602) 252-2100. Fax: (602) 252-2731.

In the heart of the business area of ​​the city, this luxurious hotel offers a free shuttle from the airport.

Features: 107

Price: $ 100 – $ 150

  • Phoenix: San Carlos Hotel

Address: 202 Ave. N., 85004. AZ. Phone: (602) 253-4121 Fax: (602) 253-6668.

Located in the heart of Phoenix, this historic hotel has designated rooms in a dense style.

Features: 133

Price: $ 100 – $ 150

  • Phoenix: The Ritz-Carlton

Address: 2401 E. Camelback Rd, AZ 85016. Phone:. (602) 468-0700. Fax: (602) 468-0793.

This attractive hotel is housed in a modern tower with a neo-classical prosperity. Large, comfortable rooms.

Number of rooms: 281

Price: $ 150 – $ 200

  • Phoenix: Arizona The resort and spa Biltmore

Address: Avenue E. Missouri, 2400, 85016 AZ. Price: (602) 955-6600 Fax: (602) 381-7600.

This 1930-year-old hotel, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, has excellent facilities and a playground.

Number of rooms: 746

Price: $ 200 plus.

  • Phoenix: Pointe at South Mountain Resort

Address: 7777 S. Pointe Parkway, AZ 85044. Phone: (602) 438-9000. Fax: (602) 431-6535.

In the hills to the south of Phoenix, this resort offers all the amenities, including golf, and four restaurants.

Features: 640

Price: $ 200 plus.

  • Phoenix: Wigwam resort

Address: Boulevard E. Wigwam 300, PC Litchfield, AZ 85251. Phone:. (623) 935-3811. Fax: (623) 535-1309.

This luxury resort boasts three golf courses with 18 holes, two swimming pools and lots of fabulous restaurants. stylish and comfortable rooms.

Number of rooms: 331

Price: $ 200 plus.

Pearl Harbor – the memorial site, revered for CSS soldiers

Pearl Harbor – a water port on the most famous island, known as O & # 39; Ahu Hawaii. This harbor was covered mostly the surrounding area with the land and deep sea waters. For the US Pacific Fleet, this harbor with a & # 39 is headquartered. In 1941, there was an attack the Empire of Japan on Pearl Harbor. The attack brought the Second World War. The attack, which occurred in this place, was destroyed many military equipment, such as 11 ships, 188 aircraft, 68 civilians and about 2403 US troops. At that time three aircraft carriers were not in this port. These three planes are safe and not damaged. In World War II the United States was marked by an attack, so the second war began with the Pacific region. This war was known as the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Pearl Harbor.

The most common name of this attack – that Pearl Harbor. In 2010, 69 years has been completed on this site. In war, it was an attack by the Japanese and US entry. After visiting this place you can see a lot of sites that are worth seeing. Every person knows the attack this place, so every year from different places becomes a lot of tourist travel. It is ideal if you want to experience a day trip. There are about five well-known places, or, one might say, sites that are known to the & # 39 are historical monuments and a & # 39 are the attraction of the island about & # 39; Ahu Hawaii. The site, where you can go, is a memorial to USS Arizona, in this place you can see that they were beaten in 1760 bombs, which were pierced armor. At this point, you can learn the technique of war is to attack the enemy, and explore some of the historical places that are attacked.

Here comes a lot of visitors to pay homage to the brave soldiers. This Pearl Harbor, you can see the names written on the wall of the brave soldiers who lost their lives. Battleship Missouri Memorial – another historic place where the Japanese surrendered and there was an end to the Second World War. Deck deck was a memorial deck. This is a museum that exhibits three wars. It would be the best experience to spend a holiday in this beautiful place, where the United States won the war, and see how many travelers are traveling from distant countries. The museum and the park of the submarine USS Bowfin you can learn about the technology and how the battle took place under water in the sea. The Museum Pearl Harbor, you can see a variety of real guns and torpedoes, which are exhibited here. Even in the Pacific Aviation Museum, you can see the planes that were used during the war, and what types they have, as some – a fighter, and others – aircraft bombs. Another place to Pearl Harbor, which can be observed – Memorial USS Oklahoma USS.

Five ways to enjoy Malo Malo

Unspoilt countryside Bushveld Malo Malo is located on the world-famous River gerbil. Against the backdrop of gently rolling hills and all alone, it's an area that directly communicates with the soul of a philosopher and adventurer. Thus, the reserve "Small Few" offers one of the greatest experiences in the world of safari today and uniquely high rate of business – all this proof.

Let's look at five things that make this particular provision of the game, his poetry class

1: In the reserve there are three separate camps, which give guests a bit of variety for a return visit, and give a more personal individual safaris. This is the main camp Malo Malo Malo Camp-Matran and chants. There are some differences between them, including the degree of luxury and price, but each of them works at the level of perfection that led to the fact that reserves applauded reputation.

2: The main reason for any safari – this is usually the game viewing in this area, and in connection with this reserve Little by little, you can once again become one of the best in this area. This is evidenced by the amount of the awarded documentaries about wildlife made in this area. It is difficult to impress the words bright colors and sensations that this tour leaves reflected in the guest head.

3: The Big Five and other inhabitants of the wildlife is not the only reason to visit this on the & # 39; world-class facility. Do not forget about the wide variety of plant life in abundance bush. In this area there are tiny ecosystems that can not be found anywhere else in the world, and more than a few documentaries have used it as a focal point. The area around the Sand River with & # 39 is exceptional due to the fact that at this point there are several distinct ecosystems that provides a variety of both fauna and the flora, which is rare elsewhere.

4: Opportunities for high-quality photographic safaris in this area, perhaps higher than any other in the world, and the team Malo Malo – all experts in this field, which ensure that guests take in life. Wide open area means that the Big Five can be seen in the breathtaking scenery.

5: The level of friendly service – it's supply of care and loyalty to clients satisfaction. Once again, the proof is in the pudding, and has been for thousands of visitors who return year after year to enjoy one of the most amazing holiday destinations on the other side.

Whether it's a family vacation or a romantic trip with a special person, no common experience may not be as memorable as a safari vacation in the reserve Little Little.