Why wedding photographers are so expensive?

The ceremony and reception space booked. Do you have an idea of ​​the style of dress that you want, the colors, and who will be your maid of honor and best man. Excitement is growing! Next – Photo. You know you want to get some great pictures of your big day. But a quick look at wedding photographers and their prices can become an exercise in the intersection of a shock. Photography, no doubt, my dear. But why? They're just photos for Pete's sake!

Here are eight reasons why good wedding photographers are expensive:

  1. they qualified

    If we consider the photographers and their fees, it helps to remember that you do not pay for your photos directly on your wedding day. You pay for ten, 15 or 20 years of commitment needed to create beautiful images for a few hours, if they are to take pictures for the wedding day.

    Platsivshy more than you might expect for a qualified, experienced photographer, you give yourself an extra assurance that you will enjoy your wedding memories for years to come.

    Like most professions, to become a permanent quality professional photographer, takes years of hard work. Many photographers attended college for photography, cut his teeth working for years as an assistant or as a photographer from the newspaper. They also spent countless surf the internet forums, talking about the latest and innovative ways to improve their work. They always keep in touch and read countless books, to be aware of. They filmed many millions of photos with multiple scenes.

    Your wedding should be no longer a slogan on a steep learning curve for your photographer. Your photo wedding and overall experience will eventually suffer.

  2. Important one-time events require suras & # 39; oznay responsibility

    This is a once in a lifetime event, which is a & # 39 is the culmination of months or years. No chance of a permutation has no chance, but so many important people in your life who come from so many distant places to be together with you and your future husband on this day.

    What happens if your photographer will throw the camera? What happens when one of their cameras damaged disks? What happens if your photographer will break an ankle two days before the wedding?

    At every wedding is really a professional wedding photographer must be willing to risk, which may cover an accident. This means maintaining multiple disks in hand, software for image restoration software, multiple cameras are good quality and a list of contacts that you can fill in for them if they can not be removed. Emergencies are many. This willingness can be costly and time-consuming to maintain, and hence high charges for customers.

  3. Seasonal work

    Photographers may only reasonably be expected of one wedding a week. They almost always occur on Saturday. In many markets, including the market that caters to my business here in Kansas City, the winter months are not a popular time for weddings. Weather & # 39; e can be very unpleasant and make the trip just dangerous. Thus, the photographers outside the solar belts can be expected that they will be occupied only seven or eight months of the year.

    The photographer has a very solid year, when they have 20 to 25 weddings. In order to provide you and future customers with excellent service, photographers need to protect their profitability during the year of the 20-25 weddings.

  4. The only wedding is a major commitment

    Your wedding – it's more than a commitment to your photographer to work on the wedding day. They will invest many hours in planning, editing, processing, presentation, and delivery of photos, not to mention albums and other photographic products, which are included in their packages cited. Your wedding is easy to require 80 hours of the time your photographer, if not more.

  5. expensive tools

    During the wedding photographer would have qualified with a $ 10 000 and more equipment. The task of digital cameras typically have to be replaced every few years. It's expensive, given that body of professional caliber are worth more than $ 2,500. The photographer should also frequently update computer & # 39; yutery and software. Add to this the burden of normal wear and tear of all the equipment and the costs become eyes.

  6. devotion to you

    As a wedding photographer, I can tell you that much nicer to explain to customers the price once and do not apologize for the quality of their photos forever. Ten years later, looking through their wedding album, you will not worry about how much it costs a photographer, but you will take care of the quality of their work.
    Well almost never cheap and rarely cheap. A good photographer understands this and has built its business with a priority put on the commitment of your photos and experience first and foremost.

  7. Grow business dearly

    Wedding photographer does not get a lot of time from our customers. If we did, it would mean a lot of failed marriages! Transfer of family and friends is not uncommon, but there are only so many friends and loved ones who are going to get married.
    Business relationships in happy customers are important, but rarely enough to fill the Photo Calendar. Photographer, more than other companies, we have to invest more money into marketing plans that represent your business to potential new customers. Many of these promotional efforts are expensive. Location Page 1 Knot photographers site is worth more than $ 5,000 annually. It's not cheap.

  8. integrity

    Imagine that tries to determine the two photographers at a wedding, a photographer played by the rules and do not cut corners to save a few extra dollars, but they have a higher price. Another photographer has a lower price, but the rules and cheating to cut corners, so that they can reduce competition. Which one is more likely to spin, if you need it?

    For some photographers with integrity & # 39 is a saint. They understand that it is not possible without long-term success. Honesty requires them to fulfill promises on time and exceeding expectations. Their internal affairs is also being conducted in good faith. They pay a fair share of income tax as you, and carry adequate liability insurance. Integrity requires them to collect taxes from the sale of their time and pay the state government. Such ethical practices are not always easy to maintain and often require us to list some of these costs to customers.

    Unfortunately, some kind of integrity is perceived as an inconvenience or an obstacle. While these questions do not seem relevant to your decision with photographers, people or business that performs all of its obligations, it is much more appreciated performance of its obligations to you.

    Expensive photographer does not guarantee the integrity, but it does much more likely.

Wedding photography is expensive. No one can disagree. There are many reasons that the photographer charged a rate such as to ensure their survival in the long run. While you are considering on their choices and opportunities, do not lose sight of how important are your memories from that day. They do not trust anyone. Photographers can cost more than you expected, but ask yourself this question: It is better to pay more than you expected, or less than you need?

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