My discovery of yoga

At that time, I discovered yoga, I participated in a group aerobics. I was also the proud owner of a very successful video store, and I had just closed up shop souvenir souvenirs. My daughter, who was then 18 months old, went with me everywhere, even on the job. training lesson was her first experience of day care, and he was not very good. I had to find something else in the way of movement and somehow I ended up in the yoga class at a local studio. I knew practically nothing about the practice, so that it would be a new experience for me. Not only that, I knew that this new experience forever changed the way I saw my life.

The first yoga class, in which I participated, I remember how uncomfortable and out of place. I remember asking myself: "Why is it so difficult?" I also remember feeling completely after that. When I looked around the room at the other yogis when they enjoyed posing with peaceful faces, I remember that I wanted to find just that. I returned to school at a rate two to three times a week. I learned meditation techniques, I learned pranayama (breathing techniques), I have learned the sun greeting, I learned to take a posture in real estate, and more likely in the first year. I learned how to relax. Constantly on the move, and thinking that I always need to do, I was interested in the idea of ​​rest and know that everything is in order. I think in the beginning, if you asked me to define yoga, my answer would probably be that it is quite a physical problem and a little taxing on my mind. I found a place in my body that I never knew existed in the first year. I found a breath that I never knew I could also take a breath. I was interested to find more space in my body and watch what is going on in my head, so I continued the practice. I started to branch after the first course and conduct classes in the different teachers. Style seemed to be endless. Each teacher had something to offer. I was hooked forever.

In the next few years of my yoga practice, I have found peace and tranquility. Things that are now looked more beautiful, and the things that were hard, and suddenly were not so rigid. I experienced a remission of how crowded the mind, and material things. I just do not need so many "things," and I began to feel much lighter person. I started to listen instead of talking so much, if in conversation. I was less worried, I stood up and I smile more. For me, yoga – all the things that you already have, but you just did not come to them. I believe that if you asked me to define yoga, at this time it would be something like: the calm after the storm, clarity of mind, spacious thigh, better posture and soft eyes. I know that a visit to a yoga can unlock many doors. I also know that after the doors are unlocked, the choice is made – to return or not to return to class. I kept coming back for more.

When my first teacher asked me to help her start in the class, I thought that she had lost her mind. Why is she asking me to do this? How could I walk around the room and help someone as it helped me? I & # 39; m does not extrovert. I found that some teachers of yoga have a theatrical history and the quality of their relationship. I am a calm person. I am in any case could not be in front of people and talk, let alone carry them through the class. Staying in the exhibition have never been high on my to-do list. I was happy, moving through life quite quickly. In fact, she said that I needed to do it, especially if I'm afraid, like writing this little chapter. I started with the help of position during rest, making sure that the students have what they need in the way of props and more. I helped with the fine adjustment while in savasane, touching the shoulder or the adjustment of the head and neck. I was incredibly comfortable doing it, but, of course, the light is quenched, and the students were resting. If you were at that time asked me in determining yoga, it would be something like that, helping others to feel better by giving, not taking, breathing really deeply, sighing with happiness. I loved what I did. I liked the idea to do this forever. I like to think that if I can not do it all, it did not matter, because today it was enough. I found the patience and gratitude for the moment.

I began to spend more time away from their business to stay in the study of yoga. I paid manager in your store, much more than I paid. It did not matter. I was in love with what I did, and that to me meant something. A few weeks later I said yes, every padadachamu. Sometimes I submitted more than some of my friends who teach full time. After 12 years, the business owner, I have decided to close up shop. In the shops the shops were severely affected independent firms, and our area was crawling with them. The decision was not difficult. I remember after the closing walked through the empty store, I breathed deeply and felt very thankful that I will no longer spend time with the entertainment industry on a daily basis. I think if you were at this time in my life asked me the definition of yoga, it would, of course, was being able to let go with ease, nothing with & # 39 is constant, that everything can and will change, and it will be oK. My business vacation was not as difficult as I expected. I feel that the practice of yoga can ease any transition in your life, and my practice I have seen a few.

I continued to listen, and as a result received a class of its own. I taught at the YMCA, I was teaching in the studio, went to work and in higher education. I'm still practicing with students and teachers. I worked at home, outdoors, and when on vacation. I dive into a book and DVD. I traveled when I was able to attend master classes with teachers, of whom I have heard, and even the ones that I did not. I finished a few sustainable employment, and students continued to come back. At this time in my life, if you had asked me in the definition of yoga, it would be more like what we all enter into the picture, something much greater than ourselves. The fact that the practice brings together the world and people in a positive way and that to step on the mat is not always easy. There are a lot of beauty on the mat. There's also a lot of ugliness. I believe that on the rug, we find their truth, good, bad, beautiful or ugly.

Today, I am a few lessons in several different locations. I still spend master classes and classes in other yoga teachers, if I can, and I'm still zduvsya. I am still a student, first of all. I like the idea that you can always learn something new and that my body will be constantly changing, and therefore my practice. I, too, had never participated in a yoga class, I did not like. Each class was a learning experience personal growth, physical limits and mental clarity. I am so grateful to every teacher that I ever spent with him the amount of time. It does not matter if you're a new teacher, an experienced teacher or a star of yoga. It does not matter if I spent a lot of money for a journey to take your class, if you were local, or you made me angry. It does not matter if I have prepared a little test because I could bring you back to yourself. You were strange, all of you. And you know who you are.

Yoga for me is in everything. It & ebb and flow. It is a journey each day, and awareness of the moment. This warm sunlight in the winter and cool in the summer rain. This is your family & # 39; I, your friends and your pets. Yoga hard and soft. It's laughter and joy as well as sorrow and pain. A conscious exercise with higher order. Achieving high and low bending. It is a land under your feet, the sky and the stars above us. This is the best medicine that you swallow. It smiles on children's faces. It's a cup of tea and a good book. It is a garden that you have in your yard. Stay there for someone at the right time. It is to know how to step back and take time out for themselves. It's a sunny day on your deck – the sun. Meditation, wrapped in a blanket during the ice storm, when power faded. This is the best piece of chocolate you've ever tasted. This is the best regulation in the dog's side facing down. These are people who are in the room for yoga, and those who had not yet arrived. Yoga – this is the moment right here.

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