Why you should consider teaching in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is usually not the first place that you think of when you are again discussing a job abroad, but this is a new place with a huge educational reform that took place in recent years. There are plenty of opportunities for all teachers who are looking for an exciting experience in such a unique country, so definitely worth considering!

NIS (Network Nazarbayev intellectual schools) has a school in a number of places around the Kazakhstan, which conduct program of educational reforms. It aims at promoting a new way of teaching students and seeks to enlist the help of qualified and experienced English language teachers, to really push the project forward. The specific role of these foreign teachers is to work with local teachers, supporting and mentoring for planning, assessment and teaching. Accepting the proposal to find a job in one of these schools, you can study at the local faculty, and teaches them, you can share knowledge and skills and bounce off each other.

One of the most successful teachers in the field, Ian Shotter, a & # 39 is a teacher in the field of ICT, which was placed in the NIS school in the Kazakh city of Semey in Kazakhstan. Ian loves so much work, hoping to stay there for several years. Previously, he worked in various secondary schools in England, he had the experience and skills necessary to attract research institutes. In the UK, teaching style can be very different, and the language bar & # 39; EASURES can sometimes be a problem. But Ian feels he quickly adapted to the new way of working and feel that no one should it be postponed. Trained in the program it is written in collaboration with Cambridge University and is already making a country wide skills development and progression.

Kerry Johnson – another teacher who has been placed successfully in Kazakhstan. As a geography teacher originally from Missouri in the United States, it operates on an international level for more than 7 years, visiting a number of countries. It must also quickly adapt to a new way of learning, which is very different from American style. Kari especially like how diverse faculty, with whom he works, as well as students, representing a huge range of cultures and the environment. He has taught his cultural differences, and he has learned to adapt their training to the students. He was amazed at how so many different people and cultures can come together and work together harmoniously.

If you are using the opportunity to study abroad, flexibility, strength of character, adaptability and an adventurous spirit – all important traits. Saying goodbye can be a difficult and scary to start all over again somewhere entirely new, but the adventure is just beginning. Sometimes it can be challenging, but the adventure has to push you, and memories can remain intact.

Over the past few years, the number of international schools has grown a tremendous amount throughout the world, and the opportunities for teachers continues to grow. Schools provide a fantastic education for foreign children, and for the local children, who tend to be educated in English. Most schools have enjoyed great reputation for the possibility that they can give. In countries such as Kazakhstan, the school even stand the face of education in the entire country. This all means that this is an exciting time for qualified and experienced teachers who want to travel. Be part of the education reform can be a compelling and challenging experience that can allow teachers to grow professionally and personally to develop a wide range of skills along the way.

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