Christmas Tree Farms in New Jersey

A visit to a Christmas tree farm and buying a live spruce grown in New Jersey can be a memorable holiday for the whole family & # 39; and? The process can be any where from an hour to a good part of the day, depending on what you and your family & # 39; I want to get the experience.

Choices of a living tree in New Jersey much. You can cut your own tree, or pick a live tree and make it a cut-off for you, or buy a living tree already truncated or buy a living tree that you can plant.

To enhance the experience of family fun, you can go to a farm for a Christmas tree, which offers sleigh rides, hay rides in the winter and associated events and entertainment.

Fresh trimmed fir will not only bring warmth, beauty and rich flavors of the season into your home, but will last throughout the holiday when care properly.

Christmas trees – a renewable resource. They are grown as a crop; plant, cut and grow, to gather for fun! Where every tree cut, are to be planted a new seedling. Farms for Christmas tree not only provide beautiful green belts around the state of New Jersey, they are also environmentally friendly. They consume large amounts of carbon dioxide and a large amount of oxygen is introduced into the atmosphere, thereby purifying the air we breathe. D ate produces the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people.

A selection of live Christmas trees

When choosing a tree, select the tree that best suits your needs. Determine where it will be located in the house and what type of jewelry you – they are weighty or light? These considerations will help you to choose the types, height, shape and density. Among a variety of types of spruce trees that are grown in New Jersey, the best option to keep the needles & # 39 are all the pines; Austrian, Scotch, White and Mexican border. Douglas-fir, Concolor and Fraser Fir are also excellent. Colorado spruce fir is very good, and the spruce Norway and White – are valid.

It is difficult to measure the height of the trees in the field. Consult with a farm for a Christmas tree, usually they have a measuring stick. Despite the fact that you can not cut a tree even with the ground, and you will need to cut an additional piece of wood, when you come home, your stand will add about four inches and your top piece another four inches to the final height. your tree. Therefore it is recommended to choose a tree that is somewhat shorter than the height of your ceiling.

Caring for a live spruce

With a few simple steps you will be able to enjoy the tree throughout the holiday season!

Fresh cut tree, brought home in advance, bringing it indoors for decoration, should be placed in a container of water in a cool, shaded place, protected from the wind. If you hold out, make sure that the water supply does not freeze. Before you bring it into the room, cut an inch from the end. This fresh cut will enable the tree to draw water. Place the tree in the stand, which can be placed one to two liters of water. Since fresh cut trees absorb a pint every day up to a liter of water, check the water level at least once a day and always keep the water level above the cut. Always keep the example of the tree in water. If he remained without water more than a few hours, juice sealed cut stem, and it will no longer absorb water. Contents drevastoynaga tree filled with water to prevent needle drop and prolong the freshness and color of the wood.

Choose a place in your home that is not too close to the fireplace, heat duct or radiator. Place the tree in a stand of wood with plastic mesh. This facilitates moving and straightening wood. Networks can be removed after the tree is created.

After removal of the tree network will need a couple of hours to restore its natural shape. Fill the water stand. At the initial filling useful warm or hot water.

Caring for trees and planting.

If you choose sharavanuyu and destroyed (dug) Christmas tree, a few days before her to bring indoors, it should be placed in unheated, protected enclosure (outbuilding, garage, ports, basement) or in the north-eastern part of the house. This conditioning process adjusts the tree to the effects of rapid changes in temperature and humidity that occur in the room. Before you bring the tree indoors, place it in a sink or similar waterproof container. To help stabilize it around the root ball can be bombarded with sand or gravel. Keep the root ball moist; About a pint per gallon of water daily will maintain a tree 5 to 6 feet. Ideally, it is better to maintain an elite tree in the premises from 65 to 68 degrees and not more than seven days.

After the tree is dismantled, can not stand it directly on the street. If possible, gradually enter into a colder temperature, after placing it in a safe place for a few days. Hole where you want to plant a tree, you should dig in the approximate depth of 18 inches before the ground freezes, and will be located inside the ground where it can not freeze. Fill the hole with leaves and cover it with plastic. Do not remove the burlap and strapping before planting. Once the tree is placed (top of the root ball should be level with the original soil class), fill it halfway – saving soil, cut off the harness, rolled burlap and complete the hole. Plastic covered root ball is treated the same, except that before planting need to cut slits in the plastic bottom half – this facilitates water drainage and root penetration. Water thoroughly and mulch.

Disposal and recycling your Christmas tree.
Disposal and recycling of Christmas trees can be coordinated with the local municipal authorities, which usually offer recycling programs. Skolvayutstsa trees into mulch and available free of charge the owner of the property. These trees can also be placed in your yard, where birds can use them either as a shelter for the winter, or as a feeding station, when the food is hanging from the branches.

Spruce exposed biyaraskladannyu, its branches can be removed and used as mulch in the garden. On the Correct removal ate contact your local municipality.

List of Christmas tree farms New Jersey

Below is a list of popular farms Christmas tree in New Jersey. While this list is quite relevant in this article, weather & # 39; s and economic conditions in the timber farm in the last minute can change, and it is strongly recommended to call in advance to the farm, to confirm their supply, operation time and they continue to let the trees of choice or cutting, or simply pre-crop trees. Do not drive there if you can not contact them by phone!


Vacation Farmhouse, August
973-948-7488 … 44 August Hill RD … Route 80 West to exit 34B. Rte. 15 north to the intersection with Rte. 206 # 39 & Ross; Area / Park Skyland. Right on Rte. 206N first left onto Augusta Hill Road. The farm is located ½ mile. left.
species … 2500 trees; Blue spruce, fir Norwegian, Douglas-fir, Canaan fir Belvider

Farm Wood Wyckoff, Belvider
908-475-4508 … 249 County Route 519 … I-80, exit 12 of Rte 521S to 519S (10 miles from Rte 80), I-78, exit 17 of Rte 31N to Rte 46W to Rte 519S ( Brand mile 39). species … 600 trees; Douglas-fir
Open the … 8: 30-4 (daily), November 24 – need to decide


Glenview Farm, Blairstown
2 … 908-362-6904 Lane Glenview … I-12 NA 80 Yield – Rete. 521 – 4 miles. in Blairstown, left on Rte. 94 – 1 mile. Magikanskaga to headquarters; With Newton – Rte. 94 C 12 mi. in Mohican Rd. 4 miles. – rt. Geisler on Rd. – Farm 1 mile.
species … 500 trees; Blue spruce, fir Norway, Douglas-fir, spruce tsvilavaya, freyzernaya fir, spruce, Canaan Open the … 9-5 (daily), November 24 – December 17

Farm Spruce Holly Jolie, Blairstown
908-362-6327 … 56 Maple Lane … Yield 12 on Rte. 80 W Blairstown. At the traffic lights, move to the Millbrook Rd to Maple Hill Lane. Left on Maple Lane. Farm is on the left.
species … 200 trees; Blue spruce, fir Norwegian, Douglas-fir, spruce flowering
Open the … 12-4 (Sat and Sun), November 25 – December 17


Farm Alghero Tree, California
908-832-2298 … 7 Lighthouse Rd light … from Rte. 78 leaving 24 (Oldvik) 7 miles. N or Rte. 517. Turn left on Beacon Light Rd. up to the first house on the left.
species … 400 trees; Blue spruce, fir Norwegian, Douglas-fir, spruce flowering
Open the … 8: 30-5 (Sat and Sun), 2 – December 24

Chesterfield (Next to Bordentaunam)

Farm spruce goose ate, Chesterfield
609-298-2498 … Borden-194 Georgetown Rd. (Rte. 545 S) … NJ Tpk. Yield 7 or I-295N output 57A, take Rte. N. 206 or Rte. 130 N towards Bordentown, 1st right onto Rte. 545 S. Continue 4 miles. Farm business. Or Rtesa intersection. 537 and 545, take Rte. N 3,5 545 mi. Farm on the left. From McGuire AFB, take Rte. 680 watts.
species … 1,000 trees; Blue spruce, fir Norway, white pine, Douglas-fir, spruce, Canaan fir Serbian, all freyzernyya ate beforehand are cut.
Open the … 9-5 (daily), November 24 – December 24


Barclay & Farm
35 Orchardsayd Drive, Cranbury, NJ, 08512
609-799-1855; Hours: weekends from 9 am to 5 pm, November 27 – December 19
Directions: NJTpke Yield 8A, Rt Rt 32 W to 130, for example 130 Rt 1.5 miles to light at Dey Rd. Right on Dey Rd. 1.5 miles to the right – Orchardside Dr. From Rt 1, east Scudders Mill Rd, 2 miles to left at 5th light on Dey Rd. 3.7 km turn left at Orchardside Dr.
Choose and harvest: Douglas fir, Fraser fir, Canaan fir, Blue spruce, fir Norway
Features: One low price. Saws, chain, rope and assistance provided free of charge.

farm Simansana
Dey Road and George Davison Road, Cranbury, 609-799-0140
Hours: MF 12-7, Sat & Sun 9-6.
Directions: From NJ Tpk to exit 8A. Incurred directly from the toll road in the direction of Rte. 535. At the traffic lights turn left onto Rte. 535 S. Follow to third traffic light and turn right onto Rte. 614 (Day councils.) West. Right on 614Vt 1.9 miles. to the U-cut field or 3 miles to the retail market.
Views: 3,000 trees; Blue spruce, fir Norway, white spruce, white pine, Douglas-fir, fir tree blossoms, freyzernaya fir, spruce, Canaan
Currently, they are blank Douglas fir, blue spruce, Norway spruce, white pine tree and tree Gvozdeva Canaan. We have two farms where you can cut your own tree. One is on the road of George Davison in Cranbury and the other on the Day Road in Cranbury. Trees cut down on these fields … this means that you will have the pleasure to cut down their own tree. If necessary, saws available. They supply twine and trees can be wrapped for easy transport.

cream ridge

Farm Bulak, Cream Ridge
609-758-8726 … 83 Emleys Hill Rd … C I-195, yield 16 take Rte. 537 W past Great Adventure. Take the second right on Emleys Hill Rd. Approx. 1 ½ mi., Farm business.
species … 250 trees; Norway spruce, white pine, Douglas-fir
Open the … 9-5 (Wed -. Nia), November 24 – December 23 East Brunswick

Zhamarez Farms, East Brunswick
732-821-9494 … 155 Fresh Pond Rd … From the area of ​​New Brunswick – Take Rte. 1 S to the 2nd exit from Milltown, which will be the main Saint-out, will be transferred to Rte. 1. Once on the main street, staff Milltown, count 3 traffic lights from Rte. 1. Turn right at Avenue Hulthau that with a 39 & # 3rd light. Go E ¼ to break up the road. Bear rt. at Fresh Pond Rd. Go about 2 miles. Farm business on top of the hill under the number 155. A large sign in front.
species … 300 trees; Blue spruce, fir Norway, white spruce, Douglas fir, spruce blooms, Fraser fir, Canaan fir
Open the … 10-5: 00 (Tue – Sun), November 24 – December 24 (closed Monday


Farm Meadowview, Farmingdale
732-938-7181 … 60 Birdsall Rd … ½ mile. south of Farmingdale on RTÉ. 524. Left on Birdsall Road. The first farm on the left.
species … 200 trees; Norway spruce, white pine, Douglas-fir
Open the … 9-4: 00 (Sat and Sun), November 25 – December 24


farm Cherryville
14 Joe Ent Road Flemingtan, NJ, 08822, 908-806-4580
Hours: open 9:00 am until dark, Saturdays and Sundays – starting Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Directions: Located one mile east of Quakertown on Route 616 (Quakertown Road), City University of Franklin County Hanterdon.
Species: Fir Canaan fir tsvyarovaya, Douglas fir, blue spruce and fir Norwegian
Features: Tags, saws and mowers available. Wreaths, crafts and refreshments Cut your own, otherwise you cut them for you. —– Marking, saws and mowers available
Wreaths, crafts and refreshments.


The fastest economy
244 Werimus Road, 201-666-0472, Hillsdale
Christmas trees, wreaths, all of the items associated with Christmas, with Santa's Enchanted Forest, which is represented on a good day in New York


Evergreen Farm, Lebanon
908-236-9550 … 4 Bass Lane … Rte. 20A to 78 watts output (Lebanon). Turn first right onto Rte. 22 W. At first light turn left (jungle) (Round Valley). Go 3.3 miles. on Rte. 629 on Bass Lane OR Rte. From 31 N to Flemingtana Melas Hill. Take it to the end. Turn right onto Rte. 629 on Bass Lane.
species … 500 trees; Blue spruce, Douglas fir, solid spruce freyzernaya spruce, fir Canaan
Open the … 10-5 (Fri, Sat, Sun), 18 November – 17 December. Closed Thanksgiving, but open to designations of wholesale. November 1


Farm Christmas Tree Anne Helene, Manalapan Twp.
732-786-9277 … 114 Daum Rd. Manalapan … garden state Pkwy Exit 123, Rte. 9 to C. Gordon Angle Str. output. Directly on Tenentu (5.4 mi.) To the Reed-Dame. NJ Tpk Yield 8, Rte. 33 E (7,9 miles). From left to Woodward Rd. (.4 miles). First left onto Daum Rd.
species … 3,000 trees; Blue spruce, spruce, Norwegian, white pine, Douglas-fir, Fraser. Open the … 9-8 (daily), November 20 – December 23


McLaughlin Farm Wood Robinsvil
609-259-8122 … 1312 Old York Road … Located on Rte. 539, 2.1 miles. north of highway I-195 (yield 8). Through Herbert Road. 3.5 miles north of Alentaun and 4 miles. south of Hightstown. Easily accessible from Rtes. 195, 130 and the NJ Turnpike through the exit 8.
species … 1,000 trees; Douglas-fir, spruce, Canaan, Scotch pine
Open the … 8-5 (Sat & Sun and up.) 25 – December 24


Farm rosewood, Rosemont
609-397-1809 … Route 519 … From Flemingtana – RTÉ. 12 W Rte. 523 right on Rte. 604 Rte. 519. Turn right onto Rte. 519. Farm 300 yards. With Trenton – Rte. 29N through Lambervil and Stockton. Right on Rte. 519 for 1.5 miles. on the farm.
species … 1,000 trees; Blue spruce, fir Norway, white pine, spruce, Canaan, Scotch pine Open the … 9-4: 30 (Fri – Sun), November 24 – December 23


Shale Hills Farm
98 Pond School Road, Sussex, 973-875-4231
Directions: At the intersection of the housing. 23 or 94 n-rate. 23 N. – 1 1/2 miles. Double S Diner on left – Turn-by-Diner on Pond School Rd. – 1.2 miles. Farm – sign.
Views: 700 trees; Blue spruce, Norway spruce, Scotch pine, Douglas-fir
Opening hours: open weekends after Thanksgiving Day from 9:30 am to dusk.


Christmas Tree Farms Vilard, Trenton
609-587-1776 … 300 Basin Rd … Rte. 1 to baker Rd pool. (.5 miles. South of I-295 overpass), 1 mile. Rd to the pool. business. Farm 1 mile. left.
species … 1,000 trees; Blue spruce, Douglas fir, Fraser fir, spruce Bal'zaminova
Open the … 12-5 (Monday – Friday), 8-6 (Sat and none) 24 – 23 of December. Enjoy hay rides, if you choose a tree from our fields and cut down his own. We have pre-cut trees that have been freshly cut from our fields. Christmas trees, which we have available – is white pine, white pine, Douglas fir, Norway and Colorado blue spruce. There is also a fresh-dug balavanyya and cut trees from our fields. You can enjoy in the room during the festive season and then plant outdoors to enjoy for a lifetime. All farms are ropes, wreaths and greens for all your holiday decorating needs.

Whitehouse station

Holly Plantation Bauf, Whitehouse Station
908-534-2622 … 88 Cole Rd … I-78 and Rte. 22 and Rte. 523, two miles south of Rte. 620 (Dreahook Rd.), ¼ mi. in Holland Brook Rd. – Turn right, go 1.5 miles. to breed on the road, turn right onto Cole Rd.
species … 200 trees; Blue Spruce, Fir Canaan fir Black Hill
Open the … 9: 30-5 (Sat and Sun), 24 November – 23 December.


Farm Christmas Tree Edwards, Wrightstown
609-758-7729 … 338 Jacobstown-Cookstown Rd … From Mt. Holly, take RTE. 537 E. right at the light in Jacobstown-Cookstown Rd. Farm is one mile away. With Freehold take Rte. 537 W. left at the light in Jacobstown-Cookstown Rd. Farm is one mile away.
species … 200 trees; White pine, Douglas-fir, Scotch
Open the … 9-4: 30 (daily) December 1 – December 24

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