Essential facts about Garbage

No, this is not the state of Missouri in the USA! This Mussoorie, the beautiful hill station located about 34 km from Dehradun, in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Located at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level, with its lush green hills and the mountains, combined with exotic flora and fauna, is a fascinating holiday resort. Pretty it is known as the "Queen of Hills", the picturesque beauty of the place attracts tourists from around the world. About garbage all brilliantly. hill station – a paradise for travelers.

Rubbish panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayas powerful. After visiting this place memories will last you for many years. The debris can be reached by air, landing in Dehradune, which is 34 km away; they can be used under the & # 39; to go to the site. The nearest railway station is also located in the city of Dehradun. The roads leading to the debris, composed of numerous bends pins for hair, which makes it exciting for you. There is no doubt that you and your family & # 39; I'll spend an unforgettable time in this beautiful hill station. A fascinating aspect of Mussoorie – this ropeway Ropeway, which carries you from one hill to another.

The best time to visit this place – or from mid-April to mid-May, and September to November. Winters are cool spine, and the summer is quite warm and pleasant. Waterfall Kempten quite famous for being a & # 39 is the biggest waterfall at such a height. Nag Tybba – a well-known place for hiking, if you are a man of adventure. This place has become a tourist destination for many years because of the noisy crowd, who made his way to this town in season. Another interesting question of Rubbish – what the locals are very warm and hospitable, and they go out of their way to help you.

The debris and around there are many good schools. Here is the National Academy of Administration, where the training of civil servants. Hotel is not here ten. All hotels are very accommodating, and the prices are pretty average, depending on the time of year. A colorful arrangement of these hotels with & # 39 is an added advantage. Thus, if you have concerns about the garbage, just turn aside from them and start to pack your bags in this beautiful place.

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