The most popular US city

In the United States to visit some of the most popular cities. They can be found in various US states, such as Minnesota, Colorado, Texas and Kansas. Beautiful scenery, reasonable housing prices and high schools make them one of the most residential areas in the United States.
Plymouth, Minnesota, belongs to the first hundred of the most convenient locations in the US in 2008. Accommodation is reasonable. Two-and the usual three-room house is 350 000 dollars. There are 50 000 new jobs for residents. The city has many beautiful lakes that are suitable for water skiing, boating and fishing.
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The Mall of America, the largest US shopping center, is just a short drive from Plymouth. Plymouth also boasts of its cultural activities and summer concerts, which are usually held in the amphitheater of al-fresco, Hilde Performance Center. The festival of fire and ice is held every February, including sports activities such as bowling, basketball and mini-golf – all of them are carried out on the ice!
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Fort Collins, Colorado, is also worth a visit in America. In each of the new road rocky town has a bike path. In the old town area of ​​the city there are more than two dozen eateries and four mikravyazachnyya plants. The new oncology center of the city will soon be the home of the award-Valley Health System powder in the framework of the outstanding medical services.
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Companies that are engaged in biology and technology, supported by a high level of employment here in Colorado. Colorado State University has excellent views in the city center. Soon, in the center of the city will implement a project on solar energy through a financial grant from the Department of Energy.

In Naperville, Illinois, in the heart of many restaurants, shops and shopping malls goods. Insidious games such as slip and slides are suitable here in his big front yards. Famous Riverwalk – is about two miles away brick path that aims for DuPazh River. Its proximity to Chicago – a bonus point, although most companies offer employment opportunities in the city. The American Public Library Hennen assessed the public library as the best city in the United States among small towns.
Round Rock, Texas, as a & # 39 is one of the most popular cities in the United States. He has excellent schools, affordable housing, and the computer industry, which make it one of the most populated cities in the country. The campus of Texas State University and three medical centers – the pride of the city. Round Rock – house young baseball team ligi– Round Rock Express, shopping centers and beautiful long lake. Eight hectares of open area and two golf courses – favorite place of residents.
It should also find time to see Overland Park, Kansas. It is close to the Kansas City, Missouri. Their accommodation is very reasonable, and the inhabitants of many employment opportunities. School is one of the best in the country. The town is known for its dendrareem and the botanical garden. Despite modernization, the city supports nature.
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Also visit Echo Park just 2 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles with a hilly terrain, which makes it unique among neighborhoods. This place has a lively mix of culture, business, architecture, income and social and civic endeavors. Its historic architecture, varied topography and the tireless efforts of citizens to protect their historic artistic community – this is a plus to preserve the sense of place and eclectic Ecopark. The most attractive areas to neighborhoods with the & # 39 is the height of Angelina in the area of ​​Lake Echo.
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