Five ways to enjoy Malo Malo

Unspoilt countryside Bushveld Malo Malo is located on the world-famous River gerbil. Against the backdrop of gently rolling hills and all alone, it's an area that directly communicates with the soul of a philosopher and adventurer. Thus, the reserve "Small Few" offers one of the greatest experiences in the world of safari today and uniquely high rate of business – all this proof.

Let's look at five things that make this particular provision of the game, his poetry class

1: In the reserve there are three separate camps, which give guests a bit of variety for a return visit, and give a more personal individual safaris. This is the main camp Malo Malo Malo Camp-Matran and chants. There are some differences between them, including the degree of luxury and price, but each of them works at the level of perfection that led to the fact that reserves applauded reputation.

2: The main reason for any safari – this is usually the game viewing in this area, and in connection with this reserve Little by little, you can once again become one of the best in this area. This is evidenced by the amount of the awarded documentaries about wildlife made in this area. It is difficult to impress the words bright colors and sensations that this tour leaves reflected in the guest head.

3: The Big Five and other inhabitants of the wildlife is not the only reason to visit this on the & # 39; world-class facility. Do not forget about the wide variety of plant life in abundance bush. In this area there are tiny ecosystems that can not be found anywhere else in the world, and more than a few documentaries have used it as a focal point. The area around the Sand River with & # 39 is exceptional due to the fact that at this point there are several distinct ecosystems that provides a variety of both fauna and the flora, which is rare elsewhere.

4: Opportunities for high-quality photographic safaris in this area, perhaps higher than any other in the world, and the team Malo Malo – all experts in this field, which ensure that guests take in life. Wide open area means that the Big Five can be seen in the breathtaking scenery.

5: The level of friendly service – it's supply of care and loyalty to clients satisfaction. Once again, the proof is in the pudding, and has been for thousands of visitors who return year after year to enjoy one of the most amazing holiday destinations on the other side.

Whether it's a family vacation or a romantic trip with a special person, no common experience may not be as memorable as a safari vacation in the reserve Little Little.

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